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A unique dog

katherine sunderlnd

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Greyhounds

This unique dog breed can run up to 45 mph.
This makes makes them the 3rd fastest animal on Earth.
Many greyhounds don't mind smaller companions; it just dependes. Some may go after them, thinking it's a bunny. Training has taught them to do this. Training taught them that if they don't, punishments will be severe.
Life at the track
Every dog's different!
Greyhounds tend to be a loyal, out-going, and caring dog.
From the start of a puppy, these dogs train to race.
If they race, they continues to chase the fake rabbit lures around tracks.
A racing career lasts about 1-6 years.
Originally, greyhounds were meant to hunt. Later on, they were used as royal pets.
Greyhounds are great pets with kids.
Some are shy, others are very friendly.
Thank you for watching
A unique dog
By Katherine
You can adopt retired greyhounds from organizations or shelters.
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