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Music with Mrs. Morgan at TRS

No description

Meghan Levick

on 12 August 2014

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Transcript of Music with Mrs. Morgan at TRS

Music with Mrs. Morgan at TRS
In First Grade..
We sing, sing, sing

We learn about different timbres of instruments and learn to classify our classroom instruments.

We start to learn how to read, draw, and play rhythm patterns and pitches on the staff!

We create music, dance, and play instruments.

We learn how music is used in celebrations and in our community!
In Second Grade...
We get many chances to sing, dance, and play instruments.

We play Mallet Madness and learn how to play xylophones and sing at the same time!

We learn patriotic songs for our play about America.

We compose songs about animals.

We work in groups to create musical moments.

In Third Grade..
We play Recorder! This helps us develop our music reading skills and responsibility!

We write recorder songs and play recorder games.

We work in leveled groups.

We earn belts for every song we learn!

We learn about the instruments of the orchestra and
visit the Venice Symphony.

Student Performances
Kindergarten- Thanksgiving Celebration
In K music we to a lot of musical exploration with our voices, bodies, and classroom instruments.

We read and act out stories.

We play make believe and dance, dance, dance!

We learn about High/low, fast/slow, long/short sounds.

Mr. Fudge, our magical singing puppet!
In Fourth Grade...
We learn how to play the violin.

We compose music using music notation software.

We learn about different composers and their works.

We explore music from different cultures.

We visit the Sarasota Orchestra at the Van Wezel!

In fifth grade....
We learn how to sing in harmony and rounds.

We study African music and world drumming.

We improvise and learn about Jazz.

We we learn how to play piano
and compose music at the keyboard lab.

We critique music.
1st- Every Day is Earth Day
Spring 2015
2nd- America!
Fall 2014
3rd- Recorder Karate Concert
May 2015
4th- Violin Demo's in class
Winter 2015
5th- Graduation
Don't forget to bring your recorder to school!
Orff Instruments
Orff is a special music practice involving music and movement. It offers a potential for active and creative music making by all children, not just the musically talented. All students use the orff instruments in my instruction.
work hard to provide a loving and supporting environment for all of my students.

I work hard to establish positive communication and camaraderie among all students and myself.

Your child is important to me.
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