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R2i - Winchester Homes: Website Strategy, Design & Build

Created for Winchester Homes

Cheryl Dickison

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of R2i - Winchester Homes: Website Strategy, Design & Build

Welcome to: Meet R2i This presentation highlights: Why R2i is the RIGHT agency for Winchester Home's 2013 website initiative. R2i At A Glance 100+ full-time staff
5 offices across the country Seattle, WA St, Louis, MO Headquatered in
Baltimore, MD
with a business development office in NoVA (Tysons Corner) Boston, MA R2integrated is a full-service
digital marketing and technology agency
that powers the integrated
cross-channel marketing
of organizations
with solutions designed
to drive awareness and engage customers
while remaining focused
on capturing market share
in a digitally networked world. Our Vision R2i team includes a wide-range of specialists necessary for today's complex digital marketing programs. R2i has the technical expertise and leadership needed for this project’s build, integration and support
R2i can scale with Winchester Home's needs over time and complexity
R2i will produce a website that is aligned with your business goals.
R2i was named in the top 100 by Inc. in Advertising & Marketing in 2010 & 2011 A strategy team that
resembles Charlie's Angels A design team that takes
art direction from
a dancing lego What We Believe
You Need to Succeed
in a Digital World AEs & PMs that will
quarterback your projects A hard-working Digital Marketing Team What Makes Us Different R2i's Approach to Branding R2i's Approach We use tried and true methodologies which enable us to deliver quality work for our clients. It is the key to long-term client relationships and the cornerstone of our success. We don't just throw ideas against the wall to see what sticks. At R2i we have a saying that great design is where "form meets function". Innovation at R2i Mobile R2i's Digital Marketing & Social Marketing Capabilities R2i's Approach to Design "Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But if you dig deeper, it's really how it works." The rate of innovation, especially in the digital space, is accelerating everyday. At R2i we have made a commitment to stay on the cutting edge. So when Microsoft invited us to particpate in their IE 9 Launch we jumped at the chance. We were teamed up with Scientific America to create a website and interactive learning tool to introduce users to the functionality of the brain through a visually immersive user experience. Mobile Friendly Website (Every Site): Site renders ‘as is’
Mobile Optimized Website(Optional $): m. ‘dot’ site, I/A and Mobile Content
Branded Mobile App($): Info based, Syndicated Feeds, Media Services
Custom Native App ($$$): Unique functionality and a team of engineers whose number one goal is to support our world class designs and
thought leadership with cutting edge technologies. Fully integrated transactional and
conversational marketing program. Drive awareness,
engagement and
ultimately customer
acquisiton. We Make Sense... Out of this The innovation continues..... And continues..... Mobile Scavenger Hunt Engages Annual Conference Attendees That same idea was better said with these words: Those words were said by this person: And provide reporting on what is working and what isn't working.... Secondary Research Discovery - 2nd step Pre-Build Process Presentation of Recommendations R2i's Web Strategy Process & Outcomes Analytics Review Discovery - 1st step Internal Research Competitive Analysis Social Listening Web Ecosystem Review Audience Research & Personas Features & Content Feedback Competitive Landscape Functional Requirements Website Blueprint Wireframes Site Map Content Matrix Site User Structure Final Feature Set We build websites with the end goal in mind. Leverage internal
Winchester Data including
Brand Deliverables from Grafik Each step is based on previous decisions No surprises—consensus building

Strategic goals, objectives, recommendations follow through the entire process Storyboards across multiple platforms Sample Deliverables Project Concerns & Challenges Technical innovation is moving at a rapid rate.
How can we future proof this new website? 1. Acquia - scalable cloud hosting & maintenance 2. What about Mobile? Workflow, Permissions Taxonomies R2i is the right choice because: Mood Boards Former site New Site
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