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The Writing Center

An introduction to the Writing Center

Kimberly Whalen

on 20 October 2011

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Transcript of The Writing Center

Welcome to the SU Writing Center What do we do? Lots of things! We help you brainstorm
We help you outline
We help you make a thesis
We help you revise
We help you edit Who are we? We are... undergraduate students from all majors
friendly first readers
not experts in writing
specially trained to help you write better What should you bring to a session? A copy of the assignment An idea of what you'd like to work on Any legible notes or drafts Aww... how cute. Who can come to the Center? Undergraduates Graduate students Native speakers You! Non-native speakers Honors students Freshmen Seniors How long is a session? A session is one hour... Unless your paper is longer than 5 pages... Then we need to schedule a reading hour. Why do I need to know how to write? Are you ever going to write to your boss? Or write a lab report? Or write a love note to your significant other? Or write a resume, cover letter, or letter of reccommendation? Or write a grant proposal? Or write a lesson plan? Or write a scholarship essay? That's what we thought! Or write a case study? Great! Now, how do I make an appointment? Come visit us in the Interim Library! Or, call us at (206)296-????
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