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Skeletal System

Skeletal System Provides Super Support

Edgar Carrillo

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Skeletal System

SKELETAL SYSTEM By: Edgar and Kristina The skeletal system consists of more than 200 bones These bones are constantly reshaping and rebuilding themselves if damaged!
Bones can take two different forms Compact bone- Dense and Heavy Spongey Bone- honeycomb like and light Bone Tissue, or matrix, is made up of mineral salts and collagen which provide the bone with toughness, flexibility, great strength, and stretch/twist resistence Together they make the bones strong, but not too heavy. The Jellylike filling inside the bone is called bone marrow
red Marrow Makes Red Blood Cells! :o
ellow Marrow Stores Fat D; y y DISEASES Leukemia- Abnormal white blood cells multiply and effect the production of red blood cells
Arthritis- Swelling of the joints, joints wear out. Scoliosis- curve of the spine. Careers Radiologist- Specializes in obtaining and interpeting medical images. Chiropractor- diagnose and treat patients with health problems of the muscle and skeletal system. Fun Facts Did you know cracking your neck is addictive...? giraffes have as many bones in their necks as humans. astronauts use .9% of their bones per month while in space. Joints :D
Hinge Joint- Elbow
Condyle Joint-knee
Plane Joint-Boes of the foot
Saddle Joint-Ankle
Ellipsoidal Joint-Wrist
Spheroid Joint-Shoulder
Pin Joint- Neck
How can you prevent these diseases???
Leukemia- No proven prevention D;
just hope you dont get it! :D arthiritis- relax. healthy life style. balance out work
with sleep. Scoliosis- Good posture XD
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