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USS Fitzgerald

No description

Alayna Badeau

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of USS Fitzgerald

A story about a hometown hero in Vietnam. William Fitzgerald was born and raised in Montpelier Vermont. After graduating from Montpelier High School he enlisted in the United States Navy. As an enlisted sailor he served our country on board a few different boats. After a few years he was appointed to attend the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis Maryland. He then was commissioned by the Navy and went to Colorado for counterinsurgency training. William was well trained and then went to Vietnam. Background Information: While serving in Vietnam he saved the lives of his fellow servicemen. At about 3am on August 7, 1967, Coastal Defense Group Sixteen's compound came under attack by two Viet Cong battalions. The assault started with mortar barrage followed by the advancement of troops. Fitzgerald, the senior American commander, immediately ordered a retreat of the civilians within the compound. The only escape from the compound was via the river.
Lieutenant Fitzgerald and three others delayed their retreat so the others could escape safely. As the situation got worse, Fitzgerald ordered his last three remaining defenders to retreat while he used arms fire to cover their escape. Fitzgerald was mortally wounded in this action. So why is William Fitzgerald a hero? January 28, 1938- August 7, 1967 William Charles Fitzgerald Final Thought! The USS Fitzgerald Where the heroic deed took place! The River to Escape Coastline of Vietnam! He died at the age of only 27 but saved the lives of many! What he was Awarded The Navy Cross The Navy's second highest decoration of valor. The Purple Heart The National Defense
Service Medal The Vietnam Service Medal The Vietnam Campaign Ribbon Bar The Grand Prize for Noble Service Only those who do great deeds receive a boat named after them! What the destroyer is up to now! Personal connection! William Charles Fitzgerald is my Great Step Uncle. He is talked about frequently at family gatherings. It is remarkable to see the impact of one persons actions. Just when you stop and think you can't make a difference you learn that through service you will make a lasting impact. Music If in the same situation as Fitzgerald would you have acted as nobly as him? Would you ever give you life for others?
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