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Copy of The smart shopping cart

Engineer Consorte

John Alexis Consorte

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The smart shopping cart

RECOMMENDATIONS we hate when: So how is
it done? THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING The smart shopping cart long line? crowded space? getting lost? too many products, difficult to choose? smart shopping cart "Money makes the cart go around" the kids get cranky? OBJECTIVES
General Objective:
The main objective of the study is to improve the shopping experience of shoppers in grocery stores.
Specific Objectives: Inventor of the supermarket shopping cart, Sylvan Nathan "Syl" Goldman was born on November 15, 1898, in Ardmore, Chickasaw Nation. Formed the Folding Carrier Company which is still in business today as Unarco The enhancement of the existing cart will include an integration of a processor that is equipped with mathematical and logical capabilities, a door trap entry to the cart as well as wireless communication features via Bluetooth device. The design also includes a custom package for the grocery items. The processor will be battery dependent along with the wireless barcode scanner attached to it.
The study delimited to the range of area covered to transfer the data using Bluetooth technology. Once the item is scanned, removal of it from the cart is not allowed, this can be done in the counter only. The study is not concerned about the financial requirement of the design and implementation of the project. It is also not concerned with the acceptability of the design by store owners and shoppers. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODOLOGY Aricheta Related literature and studies Ballado ANDRADE The Design..... by BSCpE - 5 BATCH 2k12 - 2k13 DISCUSSION OF LAYOUT DESIGN The very first shopping cart invented by Sylvan Goldman. This was made of a metal frame that held two wire baskets. The frames were designed to be folded and the baskets are nested to be able to store the shopping cart. 1.Shorten the waiting time off shoppers in queue during checkout 2.Speed up the check out and inventory control in grocery stores. 3.Maintain accuracy and efficiency in the checkout counters 4.Lessen overhead expense of grocery store owners in manpower. 5.Keep abreast in the utilization of the state of the art technology. The long queue scenario in the checkout counter. SCOPE AND DELIMITATION SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The study will be benefited to the following: Researchers Beneficial to the researcher in a way that he will be able to prove the possibility of introducing a smart device to solve the queuing problem in the grocery store. Future researchers The study will also provide basis to future researchers of related studies. Grocery store owners For the store owners, management of the sales and inventory will be easier and efficient. Such environment will encourage more customers which would mean more profit at the same time with lesser overhead expenses in man power. Shoppers Shoppers will experience convenience and at the same time new exciting way to shop. Cashier Grocery cashier will be free of burden in scanning each of the items bought by the customer and will have no worries in mistakes in scanning. Baggers will no longer be necessary since the cart is sealed and contained scan items only and ready for carrying. HISTORILLO FILLADO -Developmental research, as opposed to simple instructional development. Has been defined as the systematic study of designing, developing and evaluating instructional programs, processes, and products that must meet criteria of internal consistency and effectiveness.
-The most common types of developmental research involve situations in which the product-development process is analyzed and described, and the final product is evaluated. A second type of developmental research focuses more on the impact of the product on the learner or the organization. A third type of study is oriented toward a general analysis of design development or evaluation process as a whole or as components.
-A fundamental distinction should be made between reports of actual developmental research (practice) and descriptions of design and development procedural models (theory).
POPULATION OF THE STUDY -The study will be conducted at some of the grocery stores in Manila that uses shopping carts. The accessible population was comprised of the store personnel (Cashier, Bagger, Manager) and the customers shopping inside the store who will be randomly selected. -In order to measure the accuracy of the sample respondents, the researcher will use the following method on gathering data;
Survey questionnaire - will be constructed based on initial information gathered through observation and experience, informal interviews plus information from the net. The validity of the questionnaire will be tested by conducting a mock survey and be modified based on the result of the testing.
Personal Interview - a scientific form of meeting or conference usually limited to 2 persons. (Structured interview and Unstructured interview) RESEARCH INSTRUMENT DESIGN CONCEPT -An idea for a design. It help to know and identify all the process under taken in the design process.
-The design of Smart Shopping Cart consists of four major components;
Hardware integration
wireless barcode scanner, the tablet, the shopping cart with a one way trap entry with custom made package and the point of sale
Software interface
Wireless communication
read the barcode printed on grocery items.
Network database -The study will be undertaken by gathering related materials.
-The researcher will seek permission from the school.
-Seek permission to conduct interview on some grocery stores in Manila DATA GATHERING PROCESS SAMAD Among the 1,290 respondents 31% of it is 21-30 yrs old and 57% is female. 50% of them are already married, 56% are not head of the family. We gathered the top 4 occupations that we surveyed. 15% are housewife, 22% students, 5% teachers due to schools around the grocery store and 4% are office staff.a TABLE 1: Frequency and percentage of the respondents personal information. TABLE 2: Total frequency and percentage of the tallied surveyed. In 1,290 totals of respondents 46% have a monthly income that ranges from 11,000 to 20,000 pesos and 23% of them composed of 4 family members. 48% are mostly children. Based on the results 28% of the respondents choose Savemore as the most wanted grocery because they almost have all the items the customers or buyers are looking for. 39% of the customers are having their grocery every week. 52% of them spend 500 to 2,000pesos amount of grocery and 18% bring their kids along while having their grocery. 82% of them can easily find the items they are looking for, 70% of the customers prepare list of grocery items. 86% of the malls have a scanner so that we can inquire the price of the items. 69% learn the grocery promos from the yellow tags.
At the grocery store 65% buys breads, 64% canned foods and 61% snacks. 32% of the customer uses cart for their grocery especially for the customers that buys a wholesale items. 60% of the customers never have a shortage of budget while having their grocery. 66% of the customers are staying on queue for less than 30 minutes on peak hours for paying their bills while another 66% are staying on queue during regular hours. 18% of the total customers experienced a wrong bill, 20% wrong change, and 26% wrong items. There are 69% of the customers to want the grocery store to improve their ads/promos dissemination, 74% wants to improve the shopping carts, 76% to improve the billing process and 74% wants to improve the packaging system. CAACBAY Figure 1. Smart Shopping Cart Design Concept Process Flowchart Figure 2. Smart Shopping Cart Process Flowchart
Figure 3. Smart Shopping Cart Block Diagram Pogi AutoCAD is a software application for computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting. The software supports both 2D and 3Dformats. A shopping cart is acart supplied by a shop, especiallysupermarkets, for use by customersinside the shop for transport ofmerchandise to the check-out counterduring shopping. Customers can then also use the cart to transport their purchased goods to their cars COMPARTMENT FOR TOXIC PRODUCTS A microcontroller (sometimes abbreviated C, uC orMCU) is a small computer on a single integrated circuit containing a processor core, memory, and programmable input/output peripherals A servomotor is a rotary actuator that allows for precise control of angular position. It consists of a motor coupled to a sensor for position feedback, through a reduction gearbox. An uninterruptible power supply, also uninterruptible power source,UPS or battery/flywheel backup, is an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source, typically mains power, fails. Serves as the display monitor SUMMARY Technology is meant to make one’s life easier. When a problem is found, engineers come together to solve them using technology. This problem solving will advance the technology for the human being, and thus provide them with convenience. The project was designed to accomplish this. The smart shopping cart could eliminate the hindrance of unloading the items from the cart; therefore, the time spent at the cashier could be decreased. Shoppers could enjoy the time saved by doing other things rather than standing idle and having to wait for their turn to pay. Moreover , the study will be helpful for the shoppers who has a difficulty in their budgeting. FINDINGS OF THE STUDY Through our survey questionnaires, results shows that more shoppers are around 21-50 yrs old and mostly are women. There are either married or single and more of them are housewives, store owners students and teachers because of the near Universities and others schools near the grocery store we surveyed. Findings are that more shoppers buy more items especially if they have a big number of family members. They uses a shopping cart so that it can accommodate a more items, but some of them don’t like to have an innovation in the cart and focuses on the billing and packaging system FLORES CONCLUSION After reviewing and analyzing the study and design, the proponents finally concluded that the Smart Shopping Cart provides more convenient shopping, billing process and packaging system for the shoppers.
The design would be a great help for the shoppers in the near future especially if it is given more time, budget and enough resource to be completed and perfected.
In this project, the committees and the division of work are all well organized, thus making the flow of work uncomplicated. And because of those dedicated and hard-working members of each committee and the very supportive thesis adviser, the group was able to finish the project on time and able to meet the expected output. Based on the researcher’s observation and analysis conducted throughout the study, the following recommendations are obtained:
The Smart Shopping Cart is highly recommended to be implemented in the grocery stores in Metro Manila.
The researchers would also recommend this study to the future researchers and make some necessary improvement such as to design anti-theft measures. The following products are some of the products that cannot be put inside the compartment B . Detergent powdered 2kls.
fabric softener 900ml The following products are some of the products that cannot be put inside the compartment A. Tissue 6-48 rolls Large pack of adult and baby diapers Cabinet Tables Chairs File Case Oven Toaster Coffee Maker Rice Cooker MOP Pail Broom Sofa FIN Client Server Block Diagram or the Circuitry for the Smart Shopping Cart Features:
Collapsible Rolling Cart
Smooth Gliding Wheels for
easy maneuverability
Weighs lyess than 3lbs,
Carries 110 lbs and
Folds to just 2 inches for
easy storage Smart Cart by: DBest Products Features:
Touchscreen Computer
Loyalty Cards Concierge Smart Cart by Mercatus Features:
Product Location
Coupon &Discount Notifications IBM’s Smart Shopping Cart Features:
16-LED Multicolor Display that allow shoppers to make wiser food choices and more responsible decisions Lambent Shopping Trolley Features:
Integrates with smartphones to
provide store and product application Smart Cart By SK telecom Features:
Integrates with smartphones to
provide store and product application
16-LED Multicolor Display that allow shoppers to make wiser food choices and more responsible decisions
Product Location
Coupon &Discount Notifications
Touchscreen Computer
Loyalty Cards
Collapsible Rolling Cart
Smooth Gliding Wheels for
easy maneuverability
Weighs lyess than 3lbs,
Carries 110 lbs and
Folds to just 2 inches for
easy storage
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