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Harlem By Langston Hughes

No description

Giana Cortes

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Harlem By Langston Hughes

What was the Harlem Renaissance?
The Harlem Renaissance was a explosion of culture and art coming from Harlem from the end of WWI and the early 1930s. During this time many African American Writers, artist musicians, etc helped show the heart and soul in every African American. Langston Hughes was a very important poet during this period and very influential.Langston Hughes helped the Harlem Renaissance show how very creative African Americans are.
Relating to Life
For me it relates to life by what it reefers to for dreams. Whenever I am in a dream, I can imagine what will happen in it. If it will reefer to real life, or to a fantasy land of which I created. It all depends on what I like, or what I don't like. Either a nightmare, or a dream. he was born on.
What is the theme?
Poems often have many themes, however there is usually one that stands out the most. The main theme of the poem Harlem is "When dreams are pushed aside, they begin to fall apart." Hughes began to question what happens when your main dream isn't your top priority. When what you want most isn't what you're focused on, doesn't it start to
figuratively rot?
Langston Hughes
Harlem By Langston Hughes
Analyze the Poem

What does each stanza mean to you?
To me I think that the 1st stanza means, What happens when a goal is held back.The 2nd Stanza shows a sort of depression.The 3rd stanza is like saying does it just fall over and end.The 4th stanza is the one that leaves you with a question.
Does the title relate to the
rest of the poem?

The title Harlem does not exactly fit with the poem because it's about putting your dreams on a shelf and moving on to another dream It like a goal. Harlem is a place in New York, so the two do not exactly have a direct connection to each other.
Christian and Mark
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