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Maintaining Darcs

How the Darcs project tries to run

Eric Kow

on 14 October 2010

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Transcript of Maintaining Darcs

Maintaining Darcs Automation Users Disagreements Document
Obsessively Time Money Never trust a man to do a machine's job Goals?
Attitudes? The Day Job Problem Volunteers "I'm doing this for fun" Habits Buying Time It never hurts to ask... but be sure to follow up! Neutral summaries Hackathons Google
of Code Avoid Pointless
Discussions... [O]ne of the worst things a project can do is attract users before the software is ready for them. A reputation for instability or bugginess is very hard to shake, once acquired.
- Karl Fogel, Producing Open Source Software 'Treat Every User as a Potential Volunteer" - Karl Fogel Infrastructure Communication "As a rule, it's not a good idea to praise people for doing what they usually do, or for actions that are a normal and expected part of participating in the group." If you were to do that, it would be hard to know when to stop: should you praise everyone for doing the usual things? After all, if you leave some people out, they'll wonder why. It's much better to express praise and gratitude sparingly, in response to unusual or unexpected efforts, with the intention of encouraging more such efforts. When a participant seems to have moved permanently into a state of higher productivity, adjust your praise threshold for that person accordingly. Repeated praise for normal behavior gradually becomes meaningless anyway. Instead, that person should sense that her high level of productivity is now considered normal and natural, and only work that goes beyond that should be specially noticed. Stay Frank Conspicous
Use of Archives The more you ask for,
the more people give

(within reason) Lead by example Pay attention to what people are interested in "You don't need to be the ace, just need to know how to help those who are aces achieve" - Ernest Koe Anchoring Think
Multi-purpose People version control
mailing lists
IRC Make mistakes Provide
Narrative Keep Discussions Public Software Freedom
Conservancy You're not alone! Delegate
Responsibilities Finding Volunteers Think long-term Systematic
Review "Politics is simply what happens when people disagree, and successful projects are those that evolve political mechanisms for managing disagreement constructively." Enable People The Invisible Distraction Who? Why? What? How? software enthusiasts solves my problem... the RIGHT way feeling useful learning When? free time work time (eg 20%) fun easier said than done Problems Making progress after a disagreement happens Opportunity Cost Pay attention Pathological Behaviour Virtuous Cycles Can't do everything Questions?
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