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Urban Community School

No description

gina poblete

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of Urban Community School

Urban Community School
Middle School "Visioning"
June 11, 2014

Start with the "end" in Mind
How to go from here to there?
From Now to future/tomorrow?
From old to NEW
From "I" to "WE?"
From uncertainty to clarity
From good to great?
Fluid to solid?
New Space is more than bricks & mortar
Core Self
Reflection 1:
Think of a time when you were at your BEST. (Personally)
When were you
most ignited?
In your element?
Dialogue with a partner
Q1: What are the qualities, attributes, words, adjectives that you would use to describe you at your best?

*Please have your partner write down key words on post-it notes
More Reflection...
Think of a person who had the most impact on you when you were younger. One who whom you admired or influenced you.

What are the qualities about this person that you admire?
What words would you use to describe this person?

Pair - Share -Post! ;-)
An Ideal learning space that houses an exchange of positive energy and UCS at its BEST!
Let' us dream....
It is the year 2024. You have been invited to Washington D.C. to represent UCS as one of the top leading schools in the nation. You were asked to give a speech. What would you say? What would share with other educators, parents and citizens listening to you about your practice to success?

Imagine walking into the UCS campus MS building in that same year 2024. What would you see? What are the conversations like? Describe in detail that "day in a life" of a middle schooler in 2024. What words would you use to describe UCS at its BEST?
Intentional Change Theory cyclE
What are the pillars or support for "US" to reach IDEAL, BEST SELVES?
What/who would allow me to be be my Best at UCS MS?
Share - Pair - Post!
(some passages from the Prayer led by Frank O'Linn, Principal, at the IB of St. Edward Highschool)

"To what end would it serve students to know how to read, write, calculate, and draw, or to possess some notions of history, geography ,geometry physics and chemistry if they are ignorant of their duties to God, to themselves, and to society, or if, while knowing them, they did not conform their conduct to that knowledge?"

"We shall always place education side by side with instruction; the mind will not be cultivated at the expense of the heart. While we prepare useful citizens for society, we shall likewise do our utmost to prepare citizens for heaven.
Inspiring excerpts...
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