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Al Pacino

No description

Johnny Lacko

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Al Pacino

Johnathan Lacko (HERO) Alfredo James Pacino
Date and Place of birth of Al Pacino
Al Pacino was born in New York City, New York, USA on April, 25th 1940.
Struggles and Hardships
He was really embarrassed for the fact he played in a terrible movie called 'Manglehorn'.
He realized he had a smoking problem and he knew he wouldn't last long in Hollywood if he gets lung cancer.
Major accomplishments
Became an official actor at only the age of 19.
Kept moviegoers riveted since the 1970's.
played a big role in the godfather which won multiple academy awards.
Nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actor.
Owner of the famous saying "Say hello to my little friend" in the movie scarface.
3 characteristics of Al Pacino
1.) Powerful.
2.) Charismatic.
3.) Enthusiastic.
Why Al Pacino is my hero
Al Pacino is my hero because he is a really good movie actor and he plays in some of my favorite movies such as The Devil's Advocate, The Godfather And Scent of a Women. And he also plays in my all time favorite movie Scarface.
Call to adventure
Was called by his good friend Farrel and asked if he wanted to preforem with him, he accepted because he wanted to do something with his life.
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