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Segmentation Targeting and Positioning of Indiabulls

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on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Segmentation Targeting and Positioning of Indiabulls

Segmentation Targeting and Positioning of Indiabulls
Company Profile
Functional Area
Objective and Scope of Project
Research Methodology
Results & Findings
Learning & Suggestions
Company Profile
Indibulls established in middle of 1999.
Sameer Gehlaut & Rajiv Rattan are founders of Indiabulls.
Headquarter is Gurgaon
Indiabulls divided into four sector :

Indiabulls Housing and Financing
Indiabulls Real Estate
Indiabulls Power
Indiabulls Securities
Functional Area
Lead Generation and Sales.

Avenues used during internship for lead generation:
1. Telemarketing
2. Flexi stalls
3. Participation in business fairs
4. Cold calls
5. Client Pitching
6. Arrange database
Objective of Project
To emphasize the importance and the advantages of segmentation for an organization.
To establish a relationship between different segments of customers and the available products.
To gain in-depth Knowledge and understanding of marketing strategy, both from the perspective of a developer and of a consumer of Indiabulls products.
Research Methodology
Type of Research Design - Exploratory and Qualitative Research
Data that was needed was collected through the Primary and Secondary sources.
Primary Sources – Survey was done with the help of Questionnaire to collect data from the clients.
Secondary Sources – Customer data from existing database of Indiabulls were used. Telephonic Interview was done for certain duration with the existing clients of Indiabulls. For competitors analysis the data was collected from the websites.
 Sample Size – A survey was conducted in which 200 consumers were asked to fill the questionnaire. Further 150 respondents have been contacted and have been recorded.
Indiabulls Real Sector
Indiabulls through its group companies has entered Indian Real Estate business in 2005. It is currently evaluating large scale projects worth several hundred million dollars.
Indiabulls became the first company to bring FDI in real estate through a Joint venture with Farllon Capital Management, a US based investment firm.
Indiabulls Real Estate portfolio by value is in the three major markets of Mumbai, NCR and Chennai.
There are three different Projects running in NCR: a. Neemraana b. Casabella c. Mapsko on which they are working presently.
Prepared By:
Sumit Vyas
Marketing & Operations

Database Arrangement
Cold Calls
Analyze Responses &
Follow up
Client Pitching & Meetings
Flowchart of Work Process
Scope of Project
The segmentation of its customer base will help in directing its communication and promotion process.
It could help identify the ‘next best product’ to be cross sold to customers.
Why Survey?
A survey is conducted on the basis of Demographic, Psycho graphic and Behavioral segments so as to cover which segments of customers Indiabulls should attempt to target.
To know:
What knowledge that they have about Indiabulls Products?
Whether they are aware of all the products that Indiabulls plans to cross sell?
What customers NEED?
Whether their wants have been met?
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