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Justin Catanach

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

SACAGAWEA 5 ways Sacagawea helped Lewis and Clark Myths about Sacagawea Three risks she had to take to be on the expedition. she was 12 years old. How old was she when she began the expedition? Reasons why she was willing to face these risks on the expedition, she was married to Tussaint Charbonnearu What other family members made the trip with her? Shoshone, Hidatsa and French What languages did Sacagawea speak and understand? What tribe did Sacagawea origanally come from? The hidatsa attacked her tribe and captured her. What were the circumstances that caused Sacagawea to get separated from her tribe? By: JUSTIN CATANACH
and TREYDEN FROST 1: she was able to help Lewis and Clark get horses from the other indian tribes.
2: she knew the land and helped them get to where they wanted.
3: she dug up edible roots and berries for food.
4: She recovered many important supplies so they wouldn't lose their work or have to stop for supplies.
5: when they met new stibes because she was there prevented many battles because the tribes knew they were friendly because no war party brings women. 1: she was romantically involved with Lewis or Clark

2: she died at wind river band reservation when a woman said that she saw Sacajawea dead. Her son Pompy and husband Charbonneau The Shoshone tribe 1: she faced death from gettng lost
2: losing her child that she took with her
3: starving to death because of the lack of supplies. I think she was willing to take these risks for a couple reasons. One is to get back to her home tribe, the Shoshone. So she could see her friends and family. Another reason is having a adventure. The last was that she would have more freedom on the expedition. What was Sacagawea's marital status? What happened to Sacagawea after the expedition? Her husband got $500 and 320 acres of land. She had a daughter named Lisette. Sacagawea died at the age of 25. What privileges did Sacagawea enjoy during the expedition that she didn't have after? She had a say in the corps decisions
She had more freedom to do what she wanted. Interesting facts She was the only woman on the expedition. Her name meant bird woman THE END
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