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Dewey Decimal System

No description

Tiffany Brook

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of Dewey Decimal System

Non-ficiton books are arranged in numerical order by topic. Books that are about similar topics are shelved in the same area. The system used to organize books by topic is called The Dewey Decimal System.
Fiction books are located in a different area than non-fiction books.
They are arranged in alphabetical order by the author's last name.

Shelving Books
Dewey Decimal System
1. Because you will be assigned a specific section of the library to shelve and organize be familiar with the Dewey Decimal System.

2. Your quiz will include:

a. Knowledge of the number associated with a given section (e.g. 600s = Applied Sciences)

b. The ability to shelve books according to author's last names and call numbers).

c. To prepare for the quiz, visit the websites on our Google Classroom, and play the Dewey Interactive Games.
Shelving Fiction
*Fiction books are shelved in alphabetical order by author's last name.

*Books by authors with the same last name are organized by first name.

*Books by the same author are organized in alphabetical order by title.
The Dewey Decimal System
*The Dewey Decimal System is broken down into ten main classes.

*These ten classes are further broken down into specific topics.

*Books about similar topics can be found together.

Shadow Hills
High School

Dewey Decimal System
Unexplained things, and Leftover stuff
Philosophy and Psychology
Religion and Mythology
Math and Natural Science
Applied Sciences
Art, Music, Recreation
Literature: Poetry, Plays, etc.
Geography and History
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