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How Does the Tilt of Earth's Axis Affect the Seasons?

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Henry Colon-Vega

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of How Does the Tilt of Earth's Axis Affect the Seasons?

This are the four seasons Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter
Heat to Earth
The seasons change because of the amount of heat Earth receive in a single day. Every single square meter the surface of the Earth, it will be heated up by the Sun at a certain rate of the angle of the Sun above horizon. Based on the sunlight received, there will be more or less heat given to the Earth to change from season to season winter, spring, summer, and fall.
Sun Light
Its more hotter in summer than with because the Sun's rays are hitting the Earth more direct. On Winter the sun's rays hits the earth in a extreme angel which makes winter days shorter.Some other parts of the Earth receive more heat and sunlight than other parts of the Earth because the earth is in the spot where the Sun's rays are always receiving it. The tilting of the Earth causes four different seasons and different parts of the globe is being position by the Sun at a different time every year.
This is a picture of the seasons caused from the sun.
How Does the Tilt of Earth's Axis Affect the Seasons?
How Does the Tilt of Earth's Axis Affect the Seasons?
Depend what season it is
During the tilt of the Earth sometimes there is a highest heating rate which is Summer. Sometimes the Earth's heating rate is low which becomes Winter. Seasons are caused by the tilt of the Earth because they lead the Earth to receive different amount of heat every day.
Is this truth or false?
The season are cause by the tilt of the earth because the amount of heat we get every day and year.
Little fact!!!
If the sun is above the horizon it gives us heat and the more it stays higher the more heat we get which is summer. If its not high enough we won't get more heat which is winter.
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