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five things about rebecca

by R Solanki

riya solanki

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of five things about rebecca

by Riya.s 5 things about rebecca.n !! what would your life partner be like? what would you do with £1o million? describe what the best pet for you would be? what things do you like about your favirote holiday? what qualities do you like about tyour favirote famous person? smart , clean's up helps round the house , good
cook . i would buy a mansion and have my own swimming pool and buy loads of clothes and bags and i would
buy new car , new furniture also i would spend the rest the money on my family !!! a dog because i own a dog and i love having my dog
as a pet and i would love to have a lovely family if i was a dog which was my dogs !!!!!! my favirote famous person is laim payne and keith lemon because keith lemon is funny and i like watching his telvison show and i like laim payne and i like listening to his songs :) my favourite hoilday was when i went to cornwall
with my mum brother sam and jessica and emma
and i liked it because i had time to chill with my friend and i liked it because we did lots of cool things and i dont get to see her that often because she lives in kent .
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