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Tips for Writing a Sports Feature

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Dan Laird

on 16 July 2013

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Transcript of Tips for Writing a Sports Feature

A Few Keys to the
Sports Feature

What Now?
Once the lead is written, keep talking about your best material and slowly work into the less important information
Remember that this does not need to be chronological
It is not necessary to give a play by play account. Not everything is interesting.
The NEWS RELATED Sports Lead (aka The Intro)
A good sports lead contains
A highlight of the game
Two teams involved
Type of sport
Score or outcome
When the game was played
Where the game was played
Sample Lead
Tell a story
Cite a surprising statistic
Find a new twist on a common phrase
Relate to a topical theme
Make a strong declaration
Contradict conventional thinking
Pose a question
Things to Consider When Writing a Lead
Should feature the most unusual happening in the game
What makes this game different from all the others?
Does not need to follow chronological order.
Start with where it's interesting and then go back and catch us up
Quarterback Apollo Balboa and tailback Han Skywalker scored three touchdowns each as Balboa passed for 317 yards and Skywalker rushed for 187 in Indiana's 55-29 romp over Jonesville last Saturday at home.
Sample Lead
Ending Your Story
Many sports stories normally end with an interesting or important quote from the coach or a key player or figure.
Keep it about people, not just statistics
A summary may not be the best lead
A lead block of one or two paragraphs often begins a feature (Remember examples of clips we've seen)
Set a mood, arouse your readers, and invite them inside
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