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Music History Presentation: Antiphonal Music

No description

Kimberly Stone

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of Music History Presentation: Antiphonal Music

Antiphonal Music Roots of Antiphonal Music Styles, Cultures, and Traditions Antiphony in the Church Composers and Examples of Antiphony Modern Antiphonal Music Responsorial Chant Polychoral Style “The groups may be identical or they may contrast with each other in pitch, timbre, type of constituent parts, or placement for the performance. Typically, two or three groups alternate in performance by phrases, at times echoing, at times varying or extending material before combining to perform together.” - Carlos Messerli Central African Tradition "Mirror" Structure of Hebrew Psalms Greek and Russian Orthodox Churches Roman Catholic Church Antiphonal Psalmody Antiphon Call and Response Ethereal “It is not merely that of chanting psalm verses by answering choirs; but of completing the alternate musical chant with a refrain sung by all; a refrain which not only brings the music to a satisfying close, but also affords an enrichment to the Psalm itself, subtly reinforcing the devotional purpose with which its words are sung on that particular occasion.” - Winfred Douglas Church Design Multi-loft Design Acoustical Effect Adrian Willaert (1490-1562) T.L. Victoria (1549-1611) Giovanni Gabrieli (1555-1612) “Using the architectural advantage of twin galleries above and to the sides of the high altar, Willaert wrote for two four-voice choirs that sang in alternation and in combination." - Carlos Messerli Ave Maria It was uncommon for Catholic composers to compose
antiphonally. T.L. Victoria was one of the few that did. Ave Maria In Ecclesiis Canzon Primi Toni “Giovanni specialized in impressive, yet sensitive, polychoral writing for as many as five contrasting choirs of voices and instrumental composition." - Carlos Messerli In the Churches In Ensemble Work
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