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book report 2

No description

Abigail Leahy

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of book report 2

plot: The story starts when Jesse and Melinda are in 1rst
grade. they each have there own talents. Melinda loves to do dance
. Jesse loves basketball in the begining then he falls in love with skatbording. Jesse is going though a hard time. He does not know what is happening. His parents are fighting a lot. Jesse's mom decides to move to California. His dad moves to New York. Jesse and Melinda are sad that they are going to be separated. they keep in tack though the years. The store picks back up when they both are in 6th grade. Melinda has been excepted to the national school of dance ( that is a huge dance school New York to live with his step mom and dad for the summer. When Melinda mom gets a random call from the school during the summer. she finds out that her daughter past out during one of there classes. They take her right away to the hospital. they just think it is random. they don't think anything is wrong. Melinda's mom at night sneeks her daughter out of the hospital and New Jersey.When they get there they find out she has Leukemia. They try many different meds. to try to get the cancer to go away. they are going to try there last treatment and IT WORKS! During this time Jesse is freaking out he doesn't know what to do about Melinda. During her last treatment it is her birthday. She told her parents all she wanted was to she Jesse. So her mom contacts Jesse's mom. She said that it would be fine if Jesse flew out to see Melinda. When he gets there they don't know what to say to each other! They feel like they don't even know each other. When it is time for Jesse to get on a plane. He goes through all seciret then runs back to her and kisses there. He lives her in tones of mistory. Her cancer is gone and know is time for her to start dance again. Then her 7th grade summer his here. She wishes that Jesse could come and visit her. Jesse buys a plain ticket with his saved up money. When he gets there they have free time to gather. Melinda sets up a picnic for the two of them. When they are eating he gives her a birthstone promise ring. He said that this ring ment that one day they wound get married. In the end Melinda's cancer comes back! They try everything. They can't find a cure. then at 3:54 Melinda's mom gets a call saying Melinda has died. Jesse gets a email saying that she has died. He was so mad that he went up to his room and killed himself. the store ends crazy but there is another book that ties to this one. settings! Melinda's house
Melinda's Dance School
Hospital Retold by: Abigail Leahy A ROSE FOR MELINDA By: Lurlene McDaniel Characters Jesse
Melinda's Mom
Doctors Recommend
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