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Battles in the East

No description

Mr. Dickman

on 28 April 2017

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Transcript of Battles in the East

What Happened
Lincoln sent troops to attack the Confederate capital.
Union and Confederate troops clashed between Washington, D.C., and Richmond, Virginia.
Finally, the Union troops retreated.

Lincoln appointed a new commander of the Union army of the East, General George McClellan.

Both sides realized:

Their troops needed
more training
This was going to be a
long bloody war
What Happened
Robert E. Lee attacked McClellan’s troops.
At the same time, Lee sent Stonewall Jackson north to threaten Washington, D.C.

With Washington, D.C., threatened, Lincoln could not send the rest of the Union army to help McClellan.
McClellan retreated.

What Happened
covered a Union warship, the
, with iron plates and renamed it the Virginia.
also built an ironclad, the
two vessels fought near Virginia

In this first battle of ironclad ships,
neither vessel seriously damaged the other
, and
both withdrew
However, ironclad ships
changed naval warfare

What Happened
Hoping for a southern victory on northern soil, Lee marched into Maryland.
McClellan learned of his plans, but was slow to attack.
At last, the two sides met.

Both sides suffered great losses.
Neither side won. Because Lee withdrew, northern morale was raised.
Lincoln replaced the cautious McClellan with Ambrose Burnside.
Battles in the East
What Happened
Lee’s forces met Burnside’s army.
Lee’s forces dug into the crest of a hill.
As wave after wave of Union troops charged, Confederate guns mowed them down.

This was one of the Union’s worst defeats.

What Happened
Lee, aided by Stonewall Jackson, outmaneuvered Union forces in a thickly wooded area.
Lee and Jackson defeated the Union troops in a three-day battle.
A southern sentry shot Stonewall Jackson by mistake.
Jackson died soon after.
Chancellorsville Part 1
Chancellorsville Part 2
Stonewall Jackson Tribute
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