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Dwight Eisenhower and Francisco Franco

Social Studies Project By- Farryn and Carson Bowman

Farryn Presnell

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Dwight Eisenhower and Francisco Franco

Dwight Eisenhower- -Born- October 14, 1890
-Died- March 28, 1969
-Served as President from January 20, 1953 – January 20, 1961
-Educated at United States Military Academy for four years
-Nicknames- Ike, Little Ike, Kansas Cyclone, General Ike, and Duckpin
-Raised in Kansas
-He sponsored and signed the civil rights bill of 1957
-He sponsored and signed the federal aid highway act of 1956
-He balanced the budget three times
-During World War II Dwight Eisenhower was Supreme Commander of the allied forces
• Distinguished Service Medal-Army (with Oak Leaf Clusters)
• Distinguished Service Medal (October 7, 1922)
• 1st OLC (September 7, 1943)
• 2nd OLC (July 13, 1945)
• 3rd OLC (February 7, 1948)
• 4th OLC (June 2, 1952)
• Distinguished Service Medal-Navy (June 25, 1947)
• Legion of Merit, Legionnaire Class (November 25, 1943)
• Mexican Border Service Medal (July 9, 1918)
• Victory Medal, WWI (April 9, 1919)
• American Defense Service Medal (April 2, 1947)
• European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with 9 stars (July 22, 1947)
• Victory Medal, WWII (April 2, 1947)
• Army of Occupation Medal-Germany (April 2, 1947) Dwight Eisenhower- Francisco Franco - -Born- December 4, 1892
-Died- November 20, 1975 in Madrid
-Nicknames- Franquito and Frankie Boy
-He gave Spain stability, safety, and peace
-Education- Toledo Infantry Academy
-Chief of the General staff was his ranking
Francisco Franco
Dwight Eisenhower -General George C. Marshall was a big part of Eisenhower's military career. Dwight Eisenhower's Career- -Marshall appointed Eisenhower as the Supreme Commander of the European Theater.
-In June, 1944 Eisenhower oversaw the D-Day invasion
-In November, 1942 Eisenhower commanded the allied forces landing in North Africa.
-Planned the Normandy campaign
Dwight Eisenhower's Highest Rank Achieved- Supreme Commander of NATO -Francisco Franco became a general at the age of 32
-Became the youngest captain in the Spanish army
-In 1920 he was appointed as second in command of the Spanish Foreign Legion and in 1923 he gained full command
-Promoted to bragadier-general in 1926
-Became director of General Military Academy in Zaragoza in 1928
-Promoted to major-general in 1934
-In 1935 he becomes Army's chief-of-staff

Highlights of Military Career- Accomplishments- -Youngest captain in Spanish army
-Always increased his rank in the army and government
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