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Greenwich Village: 1913

No description

Brooke Ludemann

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of Greenwich Village: 1913

Greenwich Village: 1913
What is a "Reacting to the Past" game?
Students are able to take on the persona of a character in a different time period. They research the character and the issues they stand for, and represent that character through interactions with other classmates in the game. This alternative way of learning about the past allows students to be submersed in history. They are able to experience conflict and difficulties from their character's life, and formulate a better understanding of the time period.

It also allows students to explore a new way of thinking. They must be completely engaged and submersed in the game.
Greenwich Village: 1913 Synopsis
At the turn of the century, Greenwich Village in New York City was a hot bed of controversy and the changing times. The neighborhood conversation buzzed about Women's Suffrage and Labor Rights, and it is up to the Bohemian characters to decide which movement to support. Important figures of the time, like Emma Goldman, "Big" Bill Haywood, Inez Milholland, and Mabel Dodge, attempt to persuade the Villagers to support their cause. The town is full of opposing views and charismatic leaders, but who will gain the vote of the Villagers?
The purpose of the website...
When playing this game, it is important for students to understand all of the characters. This website provides an easily accessible tool that provides accurate, summarized information about every aspect of the Greenwich Village: 1913 game. Students can research characters, events, social and political views, and access the rules of the game. The website provides a quick summary, as well as links to other resources that the students may access.
The locations mentioned in the game are fully explained through the website. There are pictures of the locations and real Villagers during the early 1900s, as well as videos that were filmed in New York during that time period. The locations used in the game are New York City, Greenwich Village, and Polly's Restaruant.
Background Information
The website contains summarized information of important people, places, and events during the early 1900s. It is important for students to have an understanding of these things because they contribute to the lifestyle and behavior of their character.
The website outlines the issues, or factions, that are involved in the game. Bohemian ideals, suffrage, labor, education, immigration, race, social change, and the new woman are the factions highlighted and explained.
This section of the website provides character profiles to the studnets participating in the game. Each profile provides a brief summary of the character and their beliefs, as well as links to internal and external web pages that provide more information.
Day Summaries and Other Resources
The website provides students with an outline of each day's objectives. Readings, videos, and assignments are included.

Resources used from Perkins Library are listed at the bottom of the web page. These books are cited throughout the web page, and students are encouraged to use them.
Researching the Past
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