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common settlement

No description

Romell A

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of common settlement

most belong to a christian faith group
saver ecinomic constrates from there own country

they were picked on by colour
beef patties , sugar cane, jerk chicken, jam puffs (pastry), papaya, mangos, coconut, roti, flying fish
Common Settlement
the vast majority of the Caribbean Canadians have settle in Ontario, in particular the Greater Toronto Area
Caribbean Canaidean
contributions to canada and canidian country
Caribbeans Canadian icons
some Caribbean women have come to Canada alone for domestic employment (e.g. nannies)
in the early 1900s Caribbean people immigrated and worked primarily as cheap labour on farms, mines and facorties
by the 1960s the immigrants that came were skilled in a variety of areas, in particular, education, health, technical fields, office work
today we see Caribean Canadians in every occupation
1.)Elijah McCoy
2.)Josiah henson
3.)Harriet tubman
4.)Delos davis
underground railroad

women left their kids @ home
they can go to canada and get a
job then bring there kids to canada
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