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No description

Laura Moga

on 29 March 2017

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Transcript of LIEBHERR

Friday 6th October
NBU Opening
Catering and music style:
· Change the catering concept according to the Liebherr philosophy: no molecular food
· Change the music style : no DJ
LTS Family Day
LTS Family Day
· Integrate a narrative story in your concept in link with “family”. Your concept should allow for the guest to discover the company, the values, the products and the jobs.
· Integrate a way to connect Campsas and Toulouse during the day, for example with a screen with social wall and webcam integrated.
· Specify if you plan to develop only a website or an app too? (In your planning you mention the both but we understood that the website should be enough).
· Enhance the interactivity with the guests (how can they participate and bring in their personal touch?).
· Integrate renderings and visuals in your presentation to allow us imagining the day (for example, where will be the kids zone, the art zone, the tech zones, the playground zones, the caterer etc. and how will they look like?)

Changes to the VeryWell Proposal


· Propose a quotation in English please
· Specify printing costs, what is it included in this price? Seems very low to us
· Clarify the technical costs for Campsas
· Clarify why the furniture is the same for 5000 and 3500 people?
· Catering:
o Clarify if the price of 20€ / pers. includes everything?
o 5000pax option: 26€/pax (=inauguration), including molecular food?
o Staff in the 5000pax version is missing
o Where are the kitchens/workplaces/storage/back office?
· Clarify if the reception desk in Campsas is included (inauguration)?
· Correct the total number of bracelets needed: 5000 and not 500.
· Missing the service staff on your offer for 5000 people.
· Is 20K€ the total amount of your agency fees?

Liebherr Mile:
· Highlight the integration of the company core values and philosophy.
· Integrate a “Liebherr Mile” for Toulouse and Campsas (cranes, excavators, fridges…material will be made available by LTS): where to put this on the plan?
· Integrate the Liebherr Shop on the plan.

Final show:
· We abandon the idea of the final show in Toulouse. But we think it could be nice to have an artist animation for the inauguration in Campsas

· Specify your sitting concept and the total number of seats you plan (indoor and outdoor).

· Highlight the sustainability concept for the catering.

· We need one contact person for the whole event, can you guarantee?

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