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Iza Świtała

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of bany

Easter in England

One of the most characteristic symbols of Easter. . Liturgical symbol of Easter is a lamb with a red banner - banner in triumph., A symbol of the passion, death and resurrection of Christ and the Eucharist
It is also a reminder of the dramatic events of the Old Testament, when the death angel passed through the land of Egypt, killing the firstborn sons. He missed only the Jewish houses whose doorposts were marked by the blood of the lamb slain from the divine order
easter eggs
Easter basket
easter chicken
easter bany
Easter Bunny - one of the secular symbols of Easter, according to tradition, the hare comes with a basket of Easter and leaves gifts (usually small gifts or sweets) on the first day [and] Easter baskets in exposed, lined with straw or cut into strips colored tissue paper. When you wake up or after breakfast household looking for gifts hidden in the so-called. sockets.

Easter customs in England had begun long before the advent of Christianity.
Even the name of the holidays celebrated in the Anglo-Saxon tradition is named after the goddess of spring Eostre. In the tradition of the Easter egg is a symbol of spring and new life. Historically, they were decorated with paint, are now superseded by chocolate eggs. In the north of the country in Preston valid custom rolling around hard-boiled eggs. The one that will be most-wins.
In other regions, people having fun while holding an egg in his hand and hitting the egg opponent. The loser is the first egg is damaged. The symbol of the world on the islands is the hare.
This is from the tradition of hunting the hare, which was initiated during the big night.
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