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David Tennant

Bart Hofkin

on 5 December 2010

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Transcript of Actor

David Tennant Born David John Macdonald On April 18, 1971 The Doctor Best known as... Born in Bathgate, Scotland
Had two Siblings
Father - Reverend Alexander Macdonalds
English teacher saw his potential
Acted in school plays
Royal Academy of Music and Drama Inspired by Doctor Who Saw almost every episode for years He even met Tom Baker, a previous incarnation of "himself". In 1994 he got a big break on the show "Takin over the Asylum"
He then moved to London where his career thrived
Became famous from his lead parts in "Casanova" and "Blackpool" In 2005 his childhood dream came true in finally becoming Doctor Who He recently went on broadway as Shakespears famous Hamlet which critics said was the best Hamlet performance they'd seen. In 2005 "The Stage" voted David Tennant number 6 in it's top ten listing of most influencial artists of the year.
In 2006 he was voted sexiest man in the universe.
In 2006" New Woman" had a poll of 10,000 women who voted him 20th in their list of top 100 men
He was rannked 24th most influencial person in British media in 2007 Height: 6"1
Favorite Bands:The Proclaimers
Favorite Doctor Who monster: The Zygons
Favorite Book: Catcher and the Rye

Popular Films he was in
L.A. Without a Map
Bright young things
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Free Jimmy
How to train your Dragon Awards
2005 Critics Award for Theatre in Scotland, Best Male Performance: Jimmy Porter in Look Back in Anger
2006 TV Quick and TV Choice Award, Best Actor: Doctor Who
2006 National Television Award, Best Actor: Doctor Who
2007 Welsh BAFTAs, Best Actor, Doctor Who
2007 The Constellation Awards, Best Male Performance in a 2006 Science Fiction Television Episode: Doctor Who: The Girl In The Fireplace
2007 TV Quick and TV Choice Award, Best Actor: Doctor Who
2007 National Television Awards, Most Popular Actor
2007 Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Award, screen award
2008 The Constellation Awards, Best Male Performance in a 2007 Science Fiction Television Episode: Doctor Who: Human Nature/The Family Of Blood
2008 TV Quick and TV Choice Award, Best Actor: Doctor Who
2008 National Television Award, Outstanding Drama Performance: Doctor Who
2009 Critics' Circle Award for Best Shakespearean Performance for his role as Hamlet.
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