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The Family Life of Puritans

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Adrianna Helle

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of The Family Life of Puritans

The Modern Societal Changes in Gender Roles From 1600 Puritan New England to Modern Day America.
Today, women are viewed as equals to men. With equal opportunities for jobs and opinions. Children are more protected when it comes to punishments and work.
Puritan Gender Roles
The Hierarchy of the Puritan family
The husband has the authority in the household. The wife and kids follow what he says to do.
The Societal Roles of Men
They taught kids wisdom, manners, and authority. They did all the manual labor and had a job to support their family. They could be also a reverend. They were in charge of punishments if their family sinned. The man would typically use "the rod" to punish them.
The Societal Roles of Women
The women were believed to be inferior to men
Men shouldn't expect much from their wives besides being a wife and a mother
Women were believed to be more prone to sin because of Eve.
They controlled finances
How Were Gender Roles Followed and Challenged at This Time?
Puritans commonly followed their gender roles. However, Anne Hutchinson fought for the right of women to be able to speak out their opinions. She was put on trial, later on was banished from her town and killed.
The Family Life of Puritans
Marriage: They were married by the lower court judge. Marriage was viewed as a gift from God and it helped prevent adultery.

Kids: Had to follow strict rules, if they were too emotional they were seen as bewitched. There wasn't much entertainment and kids didn't really play.
What Does This Say About the Puritan Culture Compared to Today's Culture?
By: Larissa, Ismael, and Adri
Puritans were strictly religious and punished people more harshly then today. Today, yes we judge people but we don't kill them for sinning.
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