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Jackie Robinson Prezi

Jackie Robinson prezi for black history month project

Leslie C.

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Jackie Robinson Prezi

Jackie Robinson Childhood Education He first went to Cleveland Elementary School for only kindergarten and first grade. Then in September 1926 transferred to Washington Elementary School. In 1931, when he was twelve, he enrolled at Washington Junior High School and graduated in 1935. After that he joined the John Muir Technical High School, where he played baseball for the school's team. On February 1, 1937 enrolled at the Pasadena Junior College. Jackie Robinson was born near six o' clock in the evening of January 31, 1919, near the town of Cario in Grady Country. His Father was Mallie McGriff, and his father was Jerry Robinson. Robinson had four brothers, and one sister. They were Edgar, the oldest, Frank, the second oldest, Mack, the third youngest, Willa Mae, the second youngest and only girl, and finally, Jack Roosevelt Robinson. His parents had named him after President Teddy Roosevelt. Playing Baseball Jackie Robinson first started playing for the Muir Terriers when he went to school at John Muir Terrier High School. Then he changed to playing for the Kansas City Monarchs, then up a step to the Montreal Royals where he made his way to be the first African American to play on a major league baseball team, playing for the Dodgers, sometimes known as the Boston Bums. After Baseball Even after ending his baseball career, Jackie Robinson didn't stop there. Robinson helped with minority rights, and even marched with Martin Luther King Jr. to create rights for African Americans and other minorities. Bibliography Rampersad, Arnold. Jackie Robinson a biography, New York : Alfred A. Knoff, 1997

Gail, Herman. Who was Jackie Robinson? New York: Penguin Group, 2010
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