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10 things about kanyen smith

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of 10 things about kanyen smith

I love animals like and alot of other animals that are awesome my favorite ones are dogs and a narwalls....


My favorite book is Attack On Titan series attack on titan is a slightly bloody book but it really awesome for me cause I love animations..
Games are my jam yo im really good at them my favorite ones are gears of war halo and call of duty...
Chinese food
I love chinese food its so good my favorite is orange chicken sushi yuummmm makes me hungry...
I hate tomatos ever since I was a kid I hated them they are evil enough to take over the world...

I hate squids they look weird and gross I know im a boy but that is really gross too many arms and they stick its nasty if you ask me...

I hate spiders so much they freak everbody out I mean they have to many legs and eyes...
10 Things About Kanyen Smith!!!!
The reason that I choose netflix because everybody loves netflix...
Pork is so gross but not at cafe rio thats good but stuff we make I don't like it I throw up everytime sorry it sounds gross...
I hate jeans they hurt I like joggers are less painful and joggers stretch and they are warm...
Netflix is the 100 best thing evented. It lets you watch all of most your tv showws and movies. According to netflixits good for family nights so the whole family can choose a movie. Netflix lets you see movies you've never seen before and no comericals. Some people may argue that netfix is one of the of the best thing edvented but who doesn't like watching movies. So netflix is amazing I mean who doesn't like watching movies...
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