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Mole unit

No description

mark rossi

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Mole unit

Mole Unit
Chemists use a very large unit to count very small atoms, molecules, or components of a compound (particles) Whats this unit called? Whats the big idea? The mole! A mole? This mole? No this mole! Who first studied the mole? Avogadro did!

Who is Avogadro??? A Little about Avogadro! Where was he born? August 9, 1776, Turin, Italy Nice place! He majored in Physics & Math and became an educator. His greatest accomplishment: Avogadro's Law - states that the relationship between the masses of the same volume of different gases (at the same temperature and pressure) corresponds to the relationship between their respective molecular weights. More about the Mole! Mole (mol for short)- base unit used to measure the amount of a substance. *1 mole is equal to 6.02 x 10^23 ‘things’. 6.02 x 10^23 is know as Avogadro number!! *We use a mole to count very small things. Avogadro’s Theory So how can we use moles? * With moles we are now able to quantify the # of atoms in a substance. We use a technique called Dimensional Analysis This is a conversion factor a method for comparing the dimensions of the physical quantities occurring in a problem to find relationships between the quantities without having to solve the problem completely. Confusing? Here's a visual! In chemistry we just use a little harder numbers and units. It may look like this to some people Or this guy Dont let the units and numbers scare you But don't be this guy Because its the same concept as this problem Definition for Dimensional Analysis We use Dimensional analysis for? Converting.. moles to grams
.. moles to molecules/particles
.. moles to volume at STP
.. grams to volume at STP
.. grams to molecules
.. molecules to volume at STP
.. mole to mole ratios The Golden Y shows it all What should you know by the end. We can now use the Mole as a unit to count very small objects like Atoms and Molecules. The Mole lets us be able to calculate many things such as grams of a molecule, or even Volume of a molecule at STP.
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