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No description

Trinity Rodriguez

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Constantinople

A Mese is the main street that is like the Flee Market, but this Flee Market sells mostly fruits. It also has entertainers.
Life in Constantinople
The constantinople was a very
busy city.Where people exchange goods
as well as ideas people were mostly in the Easter edge of the town.
there was a staidiom,and churches.
A hippodrome was a circus and a social center that was in the constantinople which is the capital of the Byzantine Empire.

The Imperial Palace was known as sacrade Palace. Served as the main royal place of the Byzantine Emperors. It is in the South East part of the peninsula,but know they call it the Old Istanible.

A Hagia Sophia is a architectural beauty. it is also a imported monument for the Byzantine Empire and for the Ottoman Empire. Before it was a church then, a mosque

(a mosque is a place were you worship)

and know a museum.
Housing in constantinople was very hard because there were lots of rules. They wanted it a sertant way
and if they didn't there were in big trouble.
Hagia Sophia
A few pictures
Imperial Palace
Hagia Sophia
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