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Anchor Software INFOR Presentation

No description

Allen Aven

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Anchor Software INFOR Presentation

September 30, 2013
Anchor Software Solutions:
Who are we?
Address quality, solution overview
How are we different?
Sales: Allen Aven

President: Gary Siegel

Vice President: Michael Kypuros

Postal Product Management: Anthony Aruldoss

Tech Support Manager:
Matt Moore
Founded in 2000
Over 1500 product installs
40+ employees
Texas, Maryland, Chicago
Full product line: Data Quality, Data Enhancement, Document Design
National & International (240+ countries)
Solution Overview:
USPS CASS Certified™ solution for Windows, UNIX, Linux or IBM Mainframe.
Integrated DPV, LACSLink and SuiteLink
Geocode (centroid/roof top) – append lat/long, census, congressional and county code
AEP - Address Enhancement Processing. Proprietary dbase, UAA correction, Apartment append
DSF2 - Delivery Sequence File 2nd Generation support to help reduce UAA by identifying inaccurate or incomplete addresses. Assign walk sequence.*
RDI - Residential Delivery Indicator, support for identifying Residential/Business addresses*
def. - FILE processing. ie. File in - File out
Thank you!
Allen Aven
Who Are We?
* requires USPS license
def. - Real-Time Address Validation, connect via API or WebService to
3rd party applications to same Address Validation Engine as
is Anchor Software’s standalone
file processing executable. MaxCASS runs natively on Windows, UNIX, Linux and MVS z/OS and runs in a distributed model on VSE mainframes. MaxCASS is CASS certified by USPS and produces all required reporting for address standardization processes.
Anchor Coder Engine
is the backbone for all of Anchor Software’s address validation and correction solutions. We provide stand-alone applications for batch file processing as well as real-time lookup functionality. Using the provided API, the engine can be customized to customer specific business rules, like integration into 3rd party applications.
can instantly verify, validate or correct address elements in real time. AddressVerifier runs on Windows, UNIX and Linux. The API (Application Programmer Interface) integrates into most 3rd party applications. Address’s that are entered via an internet user, call center, point of purchase, etc. are validated in sub one second real time speed. The program is configurable per usage requirements, like context sensitive lookups and auto-fill. AddressVerifier supports Java, COM, VB, C++ and .NET interfaces via web or local applications.
is also a real time address hygiene solution which uses industry standard web service calls. AddressPro runs on Windows, UNIX and Linux and performs USPS address verification and corrections. AddressPro supports Java, COM, VB, C++ and .NET interfaces via web or local applications. Connectivity to AddressPro uses SOAP/XML web service technology using the provided WSDL files.
For both main frame operating systems, MVS z/OS and VSE, MaxCASS functionality is accessible through standard
command structure. Anchor provides sample code for individual address lookup as well as a full feature lookup tool for address research, confirmation and testing.
ACT Lookup Tool
(or Anchor Code Tester) allows users the ability to lookup up individual addresses, available for Windows. There are many uses for the lookup tool like; verifying the current software/database download, verifying address components for specific addresses and user defined queries, like street names within a zip code, etc. The
CICS Lookup Tool
performs similar functionality but is only available on Main Frame operating systems.
ACT/CICS Lookup Tool
Operating System Support
IBM z/OS and VSE
- Native Processing – MaxCASS with integrated DPV™, LACSLink™ and SuiteLink™ , Address Verifier (interactive address lookup), MaxPresort
- Distributed Processing – MaxCASS with integrated DPV and LACSLink and SuiteLink™, Address Verifier (interactive address lookup), and NCOALink®

– MaxCASS, MaxPresort

– MaxCASS, MaxPresort

– All Anchor Software products

How are we different?
Tech Support - hands-on human interaction 24/7/365
Remote desktop trouble shooting
Programming staff and management, previous Pitney Bowes and Group 1
Conversion techniques and recommendations for modifying JCL to Anchor calls
Fixed Published Pricing, Not MIPS based pricing or pricing based on number of partitions.
No surprise compliance audits during terms of contract
International Data Hygiene
Multiple Integration options for Address Validation to 3rd party applications (AddressVerifier/AddressPro/Anchor Coder)
Anchor Computer Services, redundancy and/or backup

Full suite of Software Tools:
Merge/Purge, NCOA, USPS Presort (IMB Compliant), Deceased/Prison Suppression, DataDialog, Document Design and Composition

Anchor Software
Address Quality Solutions for
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