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Environmental and characteristics of the USA and Italy.

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Elizabeth Harris

on 15 March 2016

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Transcript of Environmental and characteristics of the USA and Italy.

Where is the USA?
USA is in North America and it neighbors, Canada and Mexico
Canada is North of the USA and Mexico is South of the USA.The USA is in the Northern Hemisphere.The oceans that you will see around this area is Pacific Ocean And the Atlantic Ocean.The Pacific Ocean is on the West Side, and the Atlantic Ocean is East.
Sports that they Play in the USA
Football, Baseball, Basketball, And Hockey.All these Sports involve sun, Different fields and some sort of ball or puck to play.This means that they have a lot of warm, sunny months, fields and to be very active.
The Built environment in the USA
Most of the houses in this area from picture have a lot of solar panels, the houses also have steep roofs which are used to keep the snow from making the roof collapse. The cities are clustered together, this could be because the people in the cities save
power but in order to do it they use solar
The landscape of USA
In the USA apart from all the cities and tall buildings the USA has dry land, lakes and rivers running through different places of the USA. The percentages of them are
Land mass 93.24%
Water 6.76%
Production and crops
The different things they produce are
corn, soybeans, grains, wheat, oats, barley, dry edible beans, peas, rice and tobacco.
Types of sports people play in Italy
There are a few different sports that people play but i have chosen the top 5.

Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Cycling, Water polo
Climate in the USA?
Rainfall in a year gets up to 1226 , and the average temperature is 27.3°C the highest temperatures through out the year is April 30.5°C. And the lowest temperature they get in the year is usually in August 25°C
Italy's location
Italy is in Europe, it neighbors France and Spain, Spain is South West of Italy and France is North West of Italy. The seas near Italy is the Tyrrhenain sea and the Mediterranean sea.
Environmental characteristics of the USA and Italy.
By Angelica Azzarello and Paris Best
The USA has 52 to countries in one
The temperatures and climate in Italy
The average temperature is 13.1°C, precipitation rainfall is about 1013 and February Driest month of the year
Built Environment in Italy
In the environment their is lots of vegetation
near houses, flat roofs and lots of balconies.
This could be because of the lovely scenery they put out balconies.
And flat roofs because they don't get much snow in winter.
landscape in Italy
Lots of lakes and vegetation crops growing and wine farms.
This is the area were they plant their crops and make wine.
Production, crops and meat.
All of the things the make and produce include
meat, tomato, wheat, major cereal industry, sugar beet, corn, oranges, potatoes, apples, barley, rice,
wine grapes, olive, olive oil, soybeans, cherries, apricots, nectarines and normal grapes
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