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Birgit Fischer

No description

Shannon Sullivan

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of Birgit Fischer

Birgit Fischer
52 years old
Canoe/kayaker for Germany
Born on February 25, 1962 in Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany.
Competed in: 1980 Moscow games (1 gold), 1988 Seoul games (2 gold, 1 silver),1992 Barcelona games (1 silver,1 gold), 1996 Atlanta games (1 gold, 1 silver), 2000 Sydney games (1 silver,1 gold), and 2004 Athens games (1 silver,1 gold) with the help of her coach Jurgen.
She has 2 children and a husband named Jörg Schmidt.They married in 1984 and divorced in 1993.
Early Years
At age 6, she followed her brother, Frank Fischer's, footsteps to be a canoer and joined the local BSG club (Stahl Brandenburg by the lake).
Attended the ASK (Army Sports Club) and boarding school at Potsdam.
After completing her schooling, she soon got a job as a sports instructor for the National People's Army.
She became a major in 1990.
At age 18, became youngest Olympic canoeing champion.
At age 42, was oldest Olympic canoeing champion.
Only woman ever to win a medal 24 years after her first one.
Has won 27 world titles.
She is the greatest name to grace of the sport of the canoe sprint.
After the 2004 Athens Olympics, she was announced German Sportswoman of the year.
Birgit Fischer

By: Shannon Sullivan
Personal Life
National People's Army Logo

It is shown that Birgit has all the qualities you need to be a leader. It shows that even when she doesn't win, she encourages her team to still stand with their heads held high and be proud of what they finished in because they know they did their best.

Persevering: Always trying to improve and get better for when the time comes again in competing.

Rising Star
When Birgit started in the Olympic games, she was only 18 years old. But have you ever thought of how much work it took just to qualify for the Olympics? Birgit knows just how much it takes. It takes 4 long, hard years of training to prepare for the Olympics. Just the training takes up most of your spare time. She knows you have to be prepared physically but you also have to be prepared mentally. She knows you have to be patient if it doesn't come right away, hard-working, persistent, and to never give up.
Participates in 2 parts of canoe/kayaking. She competes in pairs 500 and fours 500.
Birgit would have competed in the 1984 LosAngeles if the German Boycott had not happened
Birgit had sadly suffered a heart muscle inflammation and couldn't compete in the 2012 Olympic games in London
After the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Birgit had announced that she would retire. She was convinced to re join the Olympics when a TV crew came to film a documentary on her. When they asked her to get in an old kayak for a photo, she felt that spark again and she knew at that moment that she wasn't going to give up. She worked as hard as she could and ended up making the 2004 olympics in Athens to show what she was made of. She only had 303 days to train so she didn't have very much time.
Fun Facts
Birgit Fischer Fame
Birgit Fischer is not only famous for all of her successes in the Olympics, she is also famous because most people her age would be settling down and retiring while she is out there winning medals in the Olympics and showing pride for her country. Also, she had announced her retirement and pretty much given up but when she was convinced to come back, she had to work as hard as ever to get back on top. Birgit had used her fame from the Olympics to open up a paddle-training school called "Kanufish".
Birgit Fischer is an amazing Olympian with a fantastic story. Birgit shows that you are never too old to live your dream. If you really love it, you would do for as long as you can. Doing this project on Birgit Fischer made me realize that if you are really passionate about something, never give up no matter what others may say.
Thanks for listening!!
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