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No description

Alka Goos

on 22 November 2015

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Transcript of Hackastory

Cue China

Nina Mulder and Alka Goos reviewed this installation. After the experience they started to talk to eachother. How did they experienced this new way of storytelling?
First an impression
Alka: What do you think?
Nina: It was slow at some moments. Especially in the beginning. At some point there was an experience, but in the beginning it took a while before it became clear where the story goes and what your role in the story is.
Alka: I didn’t know exactly to whom I was looking en who was the one that was talking.
Nina: You were me.
They are thinking for a moment. Alka stretches her back. Nina is looking to the paper in front of here with the story of the installation.
Alka: It was very long tough. But I am not good in sitting still for a long time.
Nina: They warned you for that at the start. A female voice told you that you had to sit still in the same position for 26 minutes.
Alka: Yes, that’s true, but still. You ask a lot of your listener.
Nina: That’s true for sure. You can’t do it quickly. You have to take your time.
They were thinking how the lights shined on their faces. What did the installation do to them emotionally?
Alka: It was a very special experience to me over all
Nina: Absolutely, but I expected more mindfuck elements. Like when you had to touch your face with your hands.
Alka: I share your opinion about the mindfuck. The mindfuck can be better. But I do like that the artist created an installation like this.
Nina: Absolutely. The people who worked in the factory become real people to you, people with a story. I think that was the goal of the artist.
Alka: I think so to
It's quiet again. You can see them thinking: It’s so complicated to think about an installation like this because you don’t know all the possibilities yet. So how can you say that something’s can be better? Maybe your idea is not even possible?

With every new possibility a new problem will appear. That is why so many artists are tinkering all the time.
Alka: I agree. It’s a little bit like Virtual Reality. With VR you also try to get people closer to the story. This installation has the same goal I think.
Nina: Maybe also because you are with two. VR is more like your own world. Now you are not communicating either but it’s still different than the VR world.
Alka: In VR it could be that the mindfuck is more leading than the story. That is also not what you want. Now the story is very clear.
Nina: You can only experience it at an event like Doclab. But I would recommend people to take those 26 minutes and experience this new way of storytelling.
One of the installations at the Seamless Reality exposition is Cue China, made by Ant Hampton. In this installation you are looking directly into the eyes of the people in China who are making the products we use every day without even thinking about it.
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