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My Action Plan - Lina Baquero

My Action Plan - Prezi Ambassador 2013-2014

Lina Baquero

on 22 August 2014

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Transcript of My Action Plan - Lina Baquero

To increase the student's attention and understanding by increasing interest, awareness , and retention of the material.
Promote inductive reasoning to enhance information processing.
Help professors and students to share their ideas in a creative, simple, and effective way.
Give the attendants an insight on how to use prezi
Show the audience how Prezi can be implemented in different fields
Illustrate how a Prezintation increases attention -retention, awareness and interest)
Promote blog, YouTube channel and FB fan page.
Reach: 25 attendants first workshop, increase by 10-15 per meeting

Organize 9 workshops
/one hour each
(5:00pm -6:00pm)
throughout the year
Get 5 different speakers involved from different majors to share their experience using Prezi and explain how Prezi can be used in their field
Graphic Design
4 workshops to teach the audience how to use and implement Prezi
Intro to Prezi
How to create a good Prezi
Collaborating with Prezi
Portable Prezi
Create 20 posters per workshop to promote the meetings. The posters will be posted around campus 8 days before each seminar.
Speakers will use Prezi to transmit their ideas.
Social Media
Create a blog using weekly.com,
a YouTube channel and
a Facebook fan page
Update the students and the stuff on Prezi's new features
Upload 16 tutorials on how to use Prezi's different features
Share student's and stuff's Prezintations
Create a space for the student's and the staff to ask questions about Prezi
Promote workshops and contest.
Generate 500+ social media followers by the end of the year

Develop a blog using .weekly.com to post the video tutorials, write articles about Prezi's news, and create a Q/A space
Create a fan page to promote the blog and to answer questions about Prezi's features and Prezintations.
Use SOCIALSPROUT to count each of the website's transit and development

Create a YouTube to upload video tutorials twice a month.

Form partnerships with professors
around campus
Implement Prezi in the classroom
Overcome the competence and embrace Prezi
Reach 2000+ students around campus
Collect statistics about Prezi on campus through professors' reports
Promote workshops and social media

Ask the professors to email me the prezintations done by the students (with the student contentment)

Interview 10+ professors at the end of the semester on how Prezi influenced the class. Create a report

Talk to the professors once a month to check on how the students have implemented Prezi

Talk to 2 professors from the Business department
Talk to 2 professors from the department of education
Talk to the professors in charge of all COMS 101 (speech) classes (70 sections, approximately 1865 students) *MOST IMPORTANT
How can Prezi be implemented in the classroom
Why is Prezi a better way of sharing ideas
Hand the professors with/a Prezintation so they can introduce Prezi to the students/the workshops/ the contest and social media

Make a contest around campus,
including the prezi's previously
emailed by the
Create an incentive to join Prezi
Create an incentive for the students to
use Prezi throughout the semeste

Ways of promoting the contest
YouTube video
fan page post
Prezi handed to professors
Prize (TBA)

Two jurors (professors), 1 coms &
1 graphic design.

Get the university's newspaper
to write one article on Prezi
and the program
Promote workshops = more attendants
Promote the contest
Get all the students who read the news to know about the program and the software.
Workshop for only faculty stuff
Why Prezi help students learn better
How to use Prezi
How to implement Prezi in the classroom
Create a team
Extra Credit
Students from COMS 101
20: 1st meeting posters ready
21: Permission for posters
25: Post 20 posters
28: First workshop ready
30: speakers and classrooms
4: Intro to Prezi
9: 2nd meeting posters ready
11: Second workshop ready/post 20 posters
18: Coms Speaker
4: 3rd meeting posters ready
9: Third workshop ready/post 20 posters
16: How to create a good Prezi
4: 4rd meeting posters ready
6: Fourth workshop ready/post 20 posters
13: Education Speaker
25: 5th meeting posters ready
27: 5th workshop ready/ post 20 posters
4: Collaborating with Prezi
20: Speakers and classrooms
25 Permission for posters
3: 6th meeting posters ready
5: 6th workshop ready/ post 20 posters
12: Graphic Design Speaker
3: 7th meeting posters ready
5: 7th workshop ready/post 20 posters
12: Business Speaker
7: 8th meeting posters ready
9: 8th workshop ready/post 20 posters
16: Portable Prezi
21: 9th meeting posters ready
23: 9th workshop ready/ post 20 posters
30: IT Speaker

24: Facebook page and YouTube
channel ready
31: Blog ready
2 & 16: Video Tutorial
7 & 21: Video Tutorial
4 & 18: Video Tutorial
2 & 9: Video Tutorial
20: Video Tutorial
3 & 17 Video Tutorial
3 & 17: Video Tutorial
7 & 21: Video Tutorial
5: Video Tutorial
Respond Facebook, YouTube and blog comments every Tuesday and Saturday.

28: Prezintation to hand ready
4: Talk to all the professors, quick introduction to prezi, hand them with presentation.
4: Talk to professors to check on how the students have implemented Prezi
8: Talk to professors to check on how the students have implemented Prezi
6: Talk to professors to check on how the students have implemented Prezi
11: Interview with 15+ professors
15: Interviews report
24: Talk to same professors to keep spreading Prezi
21: Talk to professors to check on how the students have implemented Prezi
21: Talk to professors to check on how the students have implemented Prezi
25: Talk to professors to check on how the students have implemented Prezi
7: Interview with 15+ professors
12: Interviews report

8: Upload Youtube video/blog about contest
27: Jurors defined
1: Open contest
30: Close contest
5:Choose winner
2014 (TBA)

30: Talk to Newspaper editor
15 or before: Article on newspaper
Nice! :)
Great idea, keep going with it!
You mentioned all the information needed.
Sounds useful and interesting!
I'd ask students what kind of topics are they interested in.
Are you going to create the speakers Prezi?
cool. I'd promote the workshop as ''The art of the pitch". there is a book with the same title, I recommend you to read it to get some good tips.
From where will you get the content? Do you know a source or are you going to create them?
Good idea, if your target audience is using weekly.com. Don't you think your Prezi facebook page would be better for this purpose?
How many posts ,articles, and tutorials would you post and how often?
definitely good idea. A good cover photo is essential!
Please specify dates too, deadlines help you to control the project!
It helps if you select an exact date every month, eg. every first monday of each month
Please specify more details: what is the subject of the competition? who is the target group? dates and deadlines? prize? partnerships and collaborations?...
Consider that we'll have the EDU Contest too which is being launched on 16th September.
Please write goals, how many workshops? how many teachers? when?
Very nice job!
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