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Yukon territory

No description

jack inserra

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Yukon territory

1.) The capital of the Yukon Territory
is Whitehorse.
2.) The absolute location of Whitehorse is 61 degrees North and 135 degrees West.
3.) Yukon is next to Alaska on Alaska's east border. Place Region H.E.I Location 1.)The Yukon Territory is 1867,272 Sq miles
2.)The mountains surrounding Yukon are part of the Cordillera mountain range which stretch down all the way to South America.
3.)The Yukon territory is shaped like a triangle
4.)The Yukon territory is surrounded by mountains and river valleys.
5.)The main religon of Yukon territory is protestant and they speak 8 different languages.
6.)The population is 33,897 people 1.) We classified the Yukon Territories with the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.
2.) This region has only 1% of Canada's population.
3.) This region is made up of tundra with icy waters and subarctic forests.
4.) Because of these features there is very little farming in this region. Movement 1.) The Alaska highway goes through the Yukon Territory.
2.) The USA army used this highway in World War II.
3.) The Yukon river is the fourth longest in the world being 2,300 miles long.
4.) The Chilkhoot Pass is what many people who participated in the Gold Rush took to get out of the Yukon Territory.
5.) It is 3 feet wide in some parts and very steep. 1.) The Klondike Gold Rush which brought thousands
of people to the Yukon Territory is in here.
2.) The Klondike Gold Rush brought new towns to the Yukon Territory.
3.) The Yukon Territory is not good for farming because of the short growing season.
4.) Zinc and Lead has been found in the Yukon Territory.
5.) There are hydroelectric plants for saw and paper mills. Yukon Territory Project By: Andrew Kese & Jack Inserra Fun Facts 1.)In the Yukon Territory there is 6 times as many caribou as people
2.)Mt. Logan is in the Yukon territory and is the highest peak in Canada.
3.)The Yukon Territory is home to the 4th largest river in the world.
4.) The Yukon Territory is one of the three territories in Canada.
5.)Gold and other valuable minerals have been found in the Yukon Territory.
6.) The Yukon is home to the smallest desert in the world which is only 642 acres. Bibliography 1.World Studies The United States and Canada, Pearson Prentice Hall, Copyright 2005, p.g 181,183
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