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Marketing Plan for E.H. Butler Library

No description

Katherine Bertel

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Marketing Plan for E.H. Butler Library

About Strategy Objectives E.H. Butler Library Problem Statement 3 campaigns: Media Resources Graduate welcome/ orientation Navigating the library 11,695 students
9,788 undergraduate
1,907 graduate 166 undergraduate programs
62 graduate programs ~2,500 freshman students $6,353 in-state undergrad / $15,503 out-of-state
$9,475 in-state grad / $15,765 out-of-state 700k printed books
174k ebooks
57k journals
200 databases Circulation/Reference
Application Support Desk
Computing Help Desk
Writing Help Center SWOT Analysis Marketing strategy for Katie Bertel | LIS 531 Bengal ID Card Office
Study Quad
Computer Labs Information Commons By the numbers: Enrollment (Fall 2010) Academic Offerings Tuition (Fall 2010) Technology (computer labs / equipment for check out)
Services offered
Central location
Visibility / Personal relationships
Library instruction ("one shots", LIB 100 & LIB 300)
24 hour access via study quad Strengths Literacy skills of students
Library space (layout, cohesion, navigation)
Awareness of services
Number of computers
Staffing (9 full-time Reference/Instruction librarians) Weaknesses Opportunities Increase awareness and utilization of services
Build relationships with distinct student populations
Assessment tools Threats Budget
Space: "use it or lose it"
Google / online resources Finding library materials and/or services is a difficult task that either leads to frustration, abandonment of task, or requires assistance. Based on recent LibQUAL+ data and findings, graduate students are not connected to the library as place Media resources (video, audio, image) provided by the library are severely underused 1 2 3 Reduce frustration experienced by students by increasing the ease of finding library materials /services and overall navigability of the library. Establish a stronger relationship with the graduate student population. In line with plans based on LibQUAL+ results, this will contribute to graduate student involvement with future planning of services tailored to their specific needs. Increase usage of library media resources through targeted marketing efforts. 1 2 3 Cost Materials Paw print floor decals Interior wall paint $10.50 /dozen $13-25 /gallon TOTAL: x12: $126 x6: $78-150 $214 - 286 Printing and lamination $10 Survival kit for graduate students Materials Cost (x650) Travel coffee mug Handy hints card Research help comic Individual herbal tea Starbucks Via Pens Canvas library tote TOTAL: $3,031.75 $1 = 650 $2.20 = $1,430 $1 9 cards/sheet
= $30 $7.50 /ream (500 sheets) = $67 $2.50 /20 = $81.25 $1 = $650 $.19 = $123.50 Target specific majors through meme marketing 100lb Paper Gloss (11" x 17") Materials Cost 50 = $57.50 Design ??? TOTAL: $57.50 E. H. Butler Library is dedicated to supporting the scholarship, research, and creativity of the students, faculty, and staff of Buffalo State College.

Quality service and fair use of information for students, faculty, and staff
Intellectual freedom and equitable access to information in all forms: books, periodicals, audiovisual, and digital
Acquisition, conservation, and preservation of information from the past for the future
Provision of a gateway to success in the intellectual world through information literacy and teaching
Provision of a centrally located venue for intellectual exchange and cultural enrichment

Adopted by Library Administrative Board, 2/10/2004 Mission Statement Music Department Television and Film Arts Majors Theater Department Host competition for students to submit their own memes via the library's Facebook page or blog.
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