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Lesson Structure and Pacing

Introduction to the Lesson Structure and Pacing Indicator of the TAP rubric.

Heather Cooper

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of Lesson Structure and Pacing

Lesson Structure and Pacing
Indicator #4

By the end of the cycle, teachers will effectively implement indicators from the TAP Rubrics as measured by the Leadership Team observations of classroom instruction and teacher assessments.
Cluster Cycle Goal
I feel scared. Sometimes I try to listen harder, but mostly it doesn't work.
I get mad.
I want to go home and watch TV.
After a while, I give up.
I wish the teacher would know how I feel and would help me.
I feel dumb.
I daydream.
Sometimes I get in trouble.
I play with my hair. My mom doesn't like when I do that.
I wish I was smart.
I always play with my shoes.
I read ahead in my book.
I try my best to pay attention, but it can be really hard.
I draw tanks and airplanes.
Sometimes I try to answer a question and explain things in a different way so we can move the class forward, but it makes teachers mad sometimes.
I color my nails with my pen.
I plan out my day.
When I had braces, I used to play with my braces, and I had braces for years!
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