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Why did God redeem us?

No description

Eddie Vega

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Why did God redeem us?

there is order and goodness in nature
In the beginning...
a perfect world...
a look at scripture
Why did God redeem us?
Fact vs. Truth
Kenny Chesney is the worst thing to happen to country music. EVER.
- We are in Room 223 at IWHS
- It's currently August
- Austin is the capital of Texas
- You are ___ years old

We can't control everything in our world
Your parents love you
Myth – a story that reveals an inner truth
(All myths are rooted in fact)

The Power of Myth


they “open us to realizing what a wonder the universe is, and what a wonder you are, and experiencing awe before this mystery.”


they show us “what the shape of the universe is, but…in such a way that the mystery again comes through.”

they support and validate a particular social order



they show us “how to live a human lifetime under any circumstances.”
Joseph Campbell


Story of Phaethon

What are the truths in this story?
Enuma Elish - Babylonian poem in praise of Marduk
Apsu – god of fresh waters
Tiamat – goddess of the salt waters

Apsu and Tiamat mix to form the first gods

“when above the skies had not been named, nor earth below pronounced by name....”
“Face to face they came, Tiamat and Marduk, sage of the gods.
They engaged in combat, they closed for battle.
The Lord spread his net and made it encircle her,
To her face he dispatched the imhullu-wind so that she could not close her lips.
Fierce winds distended her belly;
Her insides were constipated and she stretched her mouth wide.
He shot an arrow which pierced her belly,
Split her down the middle and split her heart,
Vanquished her and extinguished her life. “
Apsu is bothered by the noisy gods and plots to kill them

The young gods learn of the plan and kill Apsu

figurative/symbolic language
symbolic of completion
chaos and order = God's power bringing created order from chaos
God's bringing forth light from darkness = dawn of creation
water = life; cleansing and forgiveness (Catholic)
wind = God's power and creative energy; "breath of life"
The Garden = paradise and original blessing
Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil = boundaries God established for humanity
Adam names the Animals = humanity's power and responsibility to care for Creation
serpent = temptation
The Fruit = sin; desire to be self-centered (not God-centered)
Truths revealed in the Creation Stories
God is the One True God
God created the world out of love, because God is Love
God created the world out of Goodness, because God is Goodness
God revealed the serpent's words as lies, because God is Truth
God's love for humanity remains steadfast and faithful, because he is Faithfulness
"...and a mighty wind swept over the waters."
and yet God cares about you

primeval history -
the time before the invention of writing and recording of historical data
archeology -
he scientific study of the material remains of past life
figurative language -
a literary form that uses symbolic images, stories, and names to point ti a deeper truth
literary form -
different kinds of writing determined by their literary technique, content, tone, and purpose
God is Creator of all the world
God created the world good
Humans are the summit of creation
We are made in the image and likeness of God
We are created to be in right relationship with one another
God created a special relationship (partnership) between men and women

Adam and Eve chose their own desires rather than God's will
Adam and Eve's choice caused Original Sin
all that is seen and unseen...
Raphael - appears in book of Tobit
Gabriel - appears to Daniel in the OT and Zechariah and Mary in the NT
Michael - mentioned in Daniel, Jude, and identified as the angel that will lead the fight against Satan in the Book of Revelation
Cherubim - serve God directly. appear in Ezekiel's visions and adorn the Ark of the Covenant and Solomon's Temple. Stationed at the gate of Eden
Seraphim - proclaim God's glory; mentioned in Isaiah
Summit of Creation
Tradition - the process of passing on the Gospel message
we're special
the Soul
"God created man in his image... (Gen 1:27)

spiritual principal
makes us most like God
cannot be distinguished or separated from our body, until death
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