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Tucker Ecuador Galapagos

No description

Aimee Brayman

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Tucker Ecuador Galapagos

Wowing template. Click through in 20 steps. But we can move beyond the present.
Why? Here is something small... Here is some context. Provide some common ground.
Or something from the present, that we should look beyond. An Example: 30 So... Experience a world you thought you could only see on television What is a Discovery Student Adventure? Cultural immersion Adventure Education Service Behind-the-scenes access Safety In-depth exploration in unique settings few tourists ever see Exhilarating, awe-inspiring activities Hands-on experiences that complement your educational curriculum Good will projects earn service learning hours for participants Authentic interaction with locals, experts, and specialists Our track record spans 50 years of traveling more than 400,000 individuals to 49 countries on all 7 continents Safety Highly qualified educators All trips are led by qualified educators who have gone through an extensive background check to meet our high standards of selection. Commitment to safety We are committed to the safety and health of your child. Considered one of the world's most recognized and respected educational travel providers, we have taken 400,000 students and teachers to 49 countries on all 7 continents for over 50 years. In-country travel manager Educators are backed by an in-country travel manager and devoted logistical team to assist in any situation. (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Example Day Pricing Adventure Price = Airfare = Insurance = Total trip cost = $4,999 $1,395 $299 $6,693 Payment Plans One time Payment Pay by December 31
Receive a 5% discount Standard Payment $300 non-refundable deposit
3 payments of $1,000 - spread equally
Final balance due 60 days prior to departure Monthly Payment $95 non-refundable deposit
Payments start 30 days after applying
Until 30 days before departure After you Enroll All the tools you need
to successfully fundraise
can be found in your Travel Center Don't miss out on the adventure of a lifetime! Enrollment Deadline: Apply by DEADLINE to secure your spot and travel with this group.

Reserve your spot today to become qualified to participate in fundraising activities. October 24th Adventure What's Included? Flights
3 meals per day
Visa/Departure Tax
Educational Materials
Entrance Fees
Guides & Experts
Private Transportation
Primary Liability Insurance
Tipping La Fortuna: Pitch in and help students and teachers improve their learning facilities Education Cultural Immersion Juanilama de Poco Sol: Help local farmers make cheese, from cow-milking to curing. Beijing: Learn calligraphy from masters in the Hutong district. Adventure With Discovery Student Adventures,
the World is your Classroom Experience a world you thought you could only see on television. Service Dine with locals on staples such as meat, soup, or a rice platter. 7 PM 8 AM Enjoy a Tropi burger, potato patties, or other traditional favorites at a local restaurant. 12 PM Snorkel with a local sea lion colony in the Galapagos Islands and watch for marine iguanas and other unique inhabitants. 2 PM Juanilama de Poco Sol: Interact with a local family in a rural town of friendly natives who will invite you to share their way of living. Student trips powered by San Critobal Island: Visit an artifacts museum in sthe Ecuadorian Andes, and gain an understanding about the Incan culture Work a coffee plantation and learn about this profitable crop, from field to cup. Jeff Corwin TV Personality, Adventure Expert What's not included? Only money for souvenirs! Student Protection Plan $6,893 $499 La Fortuna: Assist wildlife experts at an animal sanctuary as they care for indigenous animals. Manglares Churete Ecological Reserve, Ecuador: Help local fishermen catch a customary meal, red crab, then feast on your catch. DiscoveryStudentAdventures.com/ Aimee Brayman
Adventure Specialist

Toll Free: 866.963.3417 x7949
Mobile: 509.979.1887 Quito, Ecuador: Explore the largest and best-preserved historic center of Latin America: Colonial Quito. Santa Cruz Island: Help conservationists at the Giant Tortoise Breeding Center in their mission to save these magnificent creatures. Cotopaxi National Park: Scale the slopes of Cotopaxi volcano to a refuge nearly 16,000 feet above sea level. Galapagos Islands: Experience a white tip reef shark resting site where these majestic fish slumber. All students earn 10 service learning hours through participation in the program. 4 PM Board your boat and head beautiful beach Puerto Grande, a great place to bird watch. 7 AM Rise to a fruit bar, eggs, bacon, and juice at your hotel. Mindo Cloud Forest, Ecuador: Explore the Cloud Forest on a series of zip lines. Cotopaxi National Park, Ecuador: Jump on a mountain bike and cruise down the slopes of Cotopaxi volcano. Quito, Ecuador: Visit the Middle of the World Monument. Behind the Scenes Culebrillas Valley, Ecuador: Hike the Inca Trail and hear from a local historian about the Cañari culture. Culebrillas Valley, Ecuador: Camp next to Inca ruins just as tribal members did nearly 1,000 years ago. Manglares Churete Ecological Reserve, Ecuador: Prepare for a feast as you help locals fish for a traditional delicacy, the red crab. San Cristobal Island: Explore the world’s only “living science laboratory” in the Galápagos Islands. San Cristobal Island: Meet with a specialist at Charles Darwin Research Station and learn about preservation of local ecosystems. Help out at the breeding center for Giant Tortoises and do your part to save this endangered reptile. 10 AM 9 PM Share your experiences with everybody back home. Use the equipment provided to your teacher to post pictures, videos, and comments on the trip blog. Welcome! Discovery Student Adventures
Family Meeting Student Protection Plan + Cancel For Any Reason Upgrade Bed check and lights out. 10 PM A parent's perspective
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