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Storybook Presentation

No description

Albert Miquel

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Storybook Presentation

Board Game: unSTUCK the kite Students: suitable for 2nd graders (3rd term)

Number of players: 2-8

- 1 "object" piece for each player
- Some "kite" pieces stuck on the tree
- 1 dice
- 1 "unSTUCK the kite" board Rules

1. Each player chooses an "object" piece and place it on the START square.
2. Players throw the dice by turns and place the piece on the corresponding square.
3. When you pass through the tree, you knock down one kite and take it with you.
4. When you unstuck one kite your game start again.

Kinds of squares

- Start square: The first square where you place the piece
- Question squares: If you don't answer it properly you must go back to the previous square.
- Roll again square: You roll again
- Stuck square: You got stuck on the tree (your dice number) times without playing
- Saw square: You go ahead or back to the other Saw square.
- "And that was it!" square: You unstuck one kite
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