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Qigong, Mindfulness & Meditation

No description

Sara Silverman

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Qigong, Mindfulness & Meditation

Why meditate?
- Shen-Jing continuum
- Boosts working memory
- Improves sleep quality
- Decreases stress & anxiety
- Increases mindfulness
- Achieve enlightenment?
What is meditation?
Five criteria for Meditative Practice:

- Clearly defined & taught
- Muscle relaxation
- Decrease in logical processing
- Self-induced
- Tool that allows for focus of the mind

Types of Meditation
- Qigong & Taijiquan
- Yoga
- Spiritual
- Guided
Qigong, Mindfulness & Meditation
2 Categories of Meditation
Top-down: relaxation of mind and body to induce awareness

Bottom-up: prolonged activity of the mind and body to create awareness

Why Reduce Stress?
- Reduce cardiovascular issues
- Improve mental health
- Improve sleep
- Reduce levels of cortisol
- Improve immune response
How to Meditate
- Find a quiet place
- Wear comfortable clothing
- Stretch
- Sit in a comfortable position
- Close your eyes

A presentation by:
Andy, Emily, Sam & Sara

- Steroid hormone produced by adrenal cortex
- decreases bone formation
- increases blood sugar
- suppresses immune system
- negatively impacts memory
- proteolysis
- Follow your breathing
- Repeat a mantra
- Focus on object
- Visualization



The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi by Peter Wayne

The Blissful Brain: Neuroscience and proof of the power of meditation by Dr Shanida Nataraja
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