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Michele Del Valle

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of MAC COSMETICS

Michele Del Valle
Michael Fuertes
Will Brenizer
CONCLUSION M.A.C. Cosmetics is a competitive company within the cosmetics industry. Product innovation and brand image are two ways they dominate the industry along with having an exclusive line of reliable products. Originally, M.A.C. sold their products exclusively to professionals in the cosmetics industry, but have since expanded their market to non-professionals who value differentiating themselves from the crowd through the use of high quality products. M.A.C. Makeup brands themselves as hip, artfully irreverent, dedicated fully to the art of self-decoration and the power of the individual. This new trend even has a few celebrity endorsers such as Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Fergie and much more! Our major objective is to encourage brand switching and awareness of M.A.C.s constant attentiveness to not only their customers but to the good society in general.

Our objective, which involves a two step process, will involve both cultivating brand awareness, as well as brand switching. HISTORY Established in 1984
Founded by Frank Toskan, a well known make-up artist, and Frank Angelo, a successful photographer
Started originally as a product for professional make-up artists in the fashion industry.Their connections in the industry allowed them to become well established in fashion and celebrity circles.
Later branched out to public consumers without losing their professional appeal and quality due to celebrity endorsements. PARTNERSHIPS 1998: Estee Lauder Acquired fully by Estee Lauder, who continued M.A.C.s more unique programs, maintaining their prominence and loyalty within the fashion industry. Step # 1 Step # 2 DRAFT ADS M.A.C Pro A program that provides up to 40% discounts to professionals in the fashion industry, and lesser discounts to those in related fields, preserving M.A.C.s original identity as a professionally driven product COMPETITORS Bobbi Brown: M.A.C. : L'Oreal
Bobbi Brown prices are generally higher than M.A.C.s. Bobbi Brown offers fewer products with less variety for higher prices, while giving less to charity. L'Oreal can be bought at any department store because it's to find for a small price. Bobbi Brown products are sold by retailers, where as M.A.C. products are sold exclusively through M.A.C. stores which provide customer service and support for their products. Consumer Analysis Our Consumers Are:
Between the Ages of 20-35
Majority have careers (financially comfortably enough to afford prices)
Women who are willing to pay a premium on their makeup because as one consumer stated "you get what you pay for"...with M.A.C.
Women who have little knowledge of the make-up industry but care about their appearance and make-up quality
Part of social groups where personal appearance is valued, seen as artistic rather than indulgent.
This charity, set up by M.A.C.s founders and continued by Estee Lauder, is funded by the Viva Glam line, which contributes 100% of its revenue to this fund.
The M.A.C. AIDS fund is one of several charitable programs that M.A.C. has created and maintained in the interest of social responsibility and care for the general well-being of the public. The M.A.C. AIDS Fund M.A.C.s Triumph In 2010: M.A.C was to set out a release of a new line called M.A.C. Rodarte in Juarez, Mexico. However, social developments involving gender inequality and abuse towards women prompted M.A.C. to postpone the release, and instead send $100,000 in aid to charity for the area. B.B. : M.A.C. : L'Oreal Holiday Specials:
M.A.C. - $49.50 All for Glamour Face Kit
B.B. - $75.00 Bellini Lip/Eye Pallete Face Kit
L'Oreal- $30 Skin Expertise
ViVa Glam $15 (M.A.C)
Rich Lip Color $24 (B.B.)
Color Riche $7 (L'Oreal)
Strengths for B.B= the brand name makes the consumer feel part of an exclusive social group when purchasing their product.
L'Oreal Strengths= Easy to find and very low price
Weaknesses: Both lines (B.B & L'Oreal) don't have channels of their own making it confusing when it comes to choosing product! Encourage brand awareness of M.A.C.s philanthropic pursuits, i.e. you are helping people when you buy M.A.C./wear M.A.C. products. You pay less than designer brands, and your money goes to a good cause, all for similar products.
We will use the allure of social responsibility, i.e. "you look good for a good cause", to raise brand awareness. This is Step # 1: Getting them through the M.A.C door. Keep those customers: encourage brand switching through the customers initial experience at the M.A.C. store as compared to the experience at the department stores. The customer service and personal attention from knowledgeable employees will hopefully keep the customers coming back after a new found brand awareness has gotten them through the door. Brand switching will be encouraged by not only highlighting M.A.Cs exceptional customer service at the store, but the plethora of perks designed to amply reward customer loyalty. Industry Analysis Channel Differentiation By M.A.C. having their own department, customers get to experience the over-all culture, hands on customer experience, and vibrant vibe M.A.C. has to offer.

Product Benefits: GO GREEN
FREE: lipglass, eyeshadow, or lipstick at any M·A·C location when returning 6 empty M.A.C. containers
Don't know what look you're going for, M.A.C. Cosmetics makes different color eye-shadow sketches right in front of you!
The texture of the eye shadow itself, makes it glide onto the skin easily Difference of Prices Department Stores can be overwhelming... Let our team at your local M.A.C. store help you! Look Good for a Good Cause... with M.A.C. ViVa Glam Products GO GREEN WITH THE M.A.C. TEAM!
We will refill any makeup container you return... for free! DRAFT AD M.A.C. WILL PROSPER M.A.C.'s selling positioning: least expensive in high end products compared to its competitors( Bobby Brown & Channel). People will be able to distinct M.A.C. products from its competitors due to their phenomenal customer service which adds more value to the product. Even some products in M.A.C. have perks on refilling old eye shadow containers. There are plenty of perks for those who work at M.A.C. and the consumers who buy their products depending on their occupation that Consumer Profile PERSUASION OBJECTIVE Christine Vazquez, 25 years old, lives in Brooklyn NY now.
Aspires to become a journalist under Vibe magazine. Currently she has a salary of 40,000 a year and works in a magazine firm.
Her usual work day routine consisted of her putting make up on more than once a day and attending meetings. She is very knowledgeable on make up now since she became a frequent visitor of the M.A.C. store.
Upon walking into the M.A.C. store her first time, she was invited by the sales assistant, to show her what M.A.C. has to offer. Not only did she leave with information about M.A.C.'s brand, but she left with her own set of make-up and a make over!
She is very pleased to say that with M.A.C...."you get what you pay for." M.A.C.'s motive is to gain loyal consumers who care about their appearance. People who know little about make-up we encourage to come to our M.A.C. Stores. Our sales assistant will guide our consumers throughout the store and make them feel confident.What their peers won't know is that they look good for a low price. We want to establish a relationship where our consumers will come back because of our perks. Little do they know, they are going green without any efforts. After we educate them on Viva Glam products and the recyclable eye shadow containers, we want to make sure their experience not only justify their needs but encourages go green behavior!
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