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YO-YO MA!!!!!!!!!

Random Facts About YO-YO MA!!!!!!!!!

Liz Roush

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of YO-YO MA!!!!!!!!!

by Elizabeth Roush yo-yo ma BORN! OCT/07/1955 HELLO THIS IS MY BIOGRAPHY ON Yo-Yo Ma is a exclusive
Sony classical artist meaning...
he's a classical music artist working for Sony. The End CELLO! YO-YO MA!!!!!!!! YO-YO MA PLAYS THE........ This may actually not be yo-yo ma's cello. Yo-Yo Ma on the big screen. Yo-Yo Ma was... Yo-Yo Ma's family ... Lives in Massachusetts,
Has two kids his daughter, Emily and his son, Nicholas,
His wife's name is Jill Hornor ,
He got married in 1977. Yo Yo Ma's cello's are...
A 1712 Stradivarius cello,
1733 Montagnana cello,
They are both baroque period cellos. yo yo ma is NOT dead! A 1712 stardivarius
cello. A 1733 montagnana cello. YAY!!!! Ceo of the
silk road project is... Yo-Yo Ma!! The Silk Road Project is... A project to explore and study
the cultures from all around the world. Yo-Yo Ma was born in Paris. Logo! The original Silk Road was a road travelers took
for trading goods. Tangent Back to Yo-Yo Ma How many trophy's has Yo Yo ma
gotten? More then 15 Grammy awards,
He won the Vilcek award for contemporary music. Even though his parents
are Chinese. Heres is the Silk Road online radio
web site. http://www.silkroadproject.org/tabid/168/default.asx Quote from Yo-Yo Ma... "Good things happen when you meet stranger." Yo-Yo Ma has touched tears to many of our hearts by his playing. The site's i used were... yo-yoma.com/yo-yo-ma-biography
http://www.silkroadproject.org/aboutus/faq/tabid/218/default.aspx Silk Road Project is a donation inc.
if you want to donate
go here... https://www.silkroadproject.org/defaultpermissions/supportus/tabid/204/default.aspx yo yo ma is actually kind,
and warm-hearted and quick to laugh. probably fun too. yo-yo ma here comes the sun
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