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Operation School Supply Donation

Go Do! Project. Due March 19,2013

Grace Lee

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Operation School Supply Donation

Money Storage Created By: Roles and Procedures Logistics Why is it a need? Statistics Our Broad Plan... Images Kids need to have an education because they need to reach their full potential in academics.

Only 40% of all people in the U.S. have graduated college because of the necessary supplies they don't have.

Children lack teaching to succeed in life and the future. Raising Money/Resources We will be collecting money as an alternate option for people who would like to donate that instead of supplies, either will work. Around 67 million kids worldwide aren't in school because there's no money for school supplies. Practically 1 in 5 couples said they would struggle with the expense of books and equipment and half said they would be cutting back on essentials such as paying bills or food to make ends meet. Annually, school supplies cost families an outrageous $600. Resources we need are storage bins or boxes to accommodate the school supplies. The group member on duty shall be responsible for storing the extra money donated. Only our group shall have the duty of collecting the supplies and money surrounding the middle school parking lot. The roles of the 120 6th graders will be to donate to our drive. Students should head to the group member on duty and drop off their supplies in the storage bins that will be placed in plain sight. *The End* Every Child...... Deverves A....... SUPERIOR Education! 1 . Call the organization and tell them
about the project and any other information related to the Go Do! Project. 2 . Put up fliers in 6th grade hallway and use social media (e.g. instagram) to post the basic information for Operation School Supply Donation. 4 . Ask if Mr.Berthel would allow our group announce the drive on the 6th grade intercom. 3 . Set up storage bins and begin duty right after setting up. 5 . Put up storage bins, store all money, and take down fliers. 6 . Drive storage bins to the organization's central location. Who? Where? When? Organization: Community Partners of Dallas Dallas, Texas 75204 Community Partners of Dallas' Central Location: 1215 Skiles Street Money will be held on to by hand, in pocket, or temporarily stored in the bins. Who? Where? When? We will be partnering with: Community Partners of Dallas Community Partners of Dallas Central Location: 1215 Skiles Street
Dallas, Texas 75204 After school or a few days later we will deliver the donations to CPD's central location. Operation School Supply Donation (OSSD) is a project that focuses on collecting school supplies for underprivileged children. SPECIFIC school supplies and money donated will be collected by the group member on duty in the morning and stored in storage bins or boxes. When the drive ends, the storage bins or boxes will be transferred to the Community Partners of Dallas Central Location by car. To get the word around about our drive, fliers will be put up, we will put posts on social media (e.g. instagram), and our drive will be announced over the intercom. ■3 Ring Binders
■Colored Pencils
■Construction Paper
■Spiral Notebooks
■Writing Tablets
■Kleenex ■Folders
■Glue Sticks
■Manila Paper
■Notebook Paper
■Watercolor Sets
■Index Cards Specific Supplies Operation School Supply Donation Blake Marsh Kaleigh Cobb Elijah Westover Grace Lee
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