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Little Rock Nine

No description

Joe Breidenstein

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Little Rock Nine

Brown vs Board of Education This case successfully argued that separate but equal was unconstitutional,thus overturning Plessy vs. Ferguson Ernest Green This presentation is about nine African American students who were integrated into Central High School in Little Rock Arkansas, suffering verbal and physical abuse as a result. These nine kids changed schooling in America. Without their courage and determination who knows what America would be like today. They were awarded and praised for this bravery. This is the story of Little Rock Nine! He was the first African American to graduate from Central High School. He was awarded the NAACP's Spingarn Medal at the age of 17. He received this because he was one of the Little Rock Nine. In 1995 he was awarded the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award. Ernest was also the recipient of the Urban League's Frederick Douglass Freedom Medal, and the John D. Rockefeller Public Service Award. In 1999 with the rest of the Little Rock Nine, he was presented by President Clinton with the Congressional Gold Medal. This medal is the highest any citizen of the United States can receive. Little Rock Nine by. Joe Breidenstein, Michael Wolter, and Jason Van Dulman Minnijean Brown Trickey Minnijean Brown was born on September 11 1941. She was a big part of the Little Rock Nine. She was important because she was the first to stand up to white students. She was suspended for pouring chili on two white students who were harassing her. She was expelled later in the school year when she called a white girl "white trash". She to was awarded a bunch of awards for her bravery. These awards consist of : The Gold Medal, The Wolf Award, and the Spingarn Medal. She was also President Clinton's Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Department of the Interior Responsible of Diversity. National Guard vs 101st Air Borne On the first day of school the Nine were met at the front of the school by an angry mob. They were called names and spat on by others. At the main entrance of the school stood the Arkansas National Guard. They did not allow the Nine to enter the school thus breaking the law. To ensure that the school be integrated President Eisenhower sent in the 101st Air Borne division to separate not only the mob but the National Guard as well. The soldiers then followed the students class to class only being separated from them when they were either in class or in the bathroom. Many times one of the Nine were harassed in the bathroom. This was the only place where they were vulnerable. Other than that they had a soldier armed with a rifle walking around with them. Elizabeth Eckford Out of all the Little Rock Nine she is the most remembered one of all. On the first day of school she is separated from the others. She is fallowed by an angry mob of whites. She had many photos of her taken in the morning paper by photographer Johnny Jenkins. She was awarded the Spingran Medal, she was awarded the Father Joesph Blitz Award but shared it with Hazel Bryan( she is the girl behind Elizabeth in both pictures. Also she too was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. The Old Article This article was about how the name calling and physical abuse has calmed down. One of the students Melba Pattillo explained how she felt kind of better in the school as they started their fourth week. She also tells how some teachers are marking their exams as incomplete because some of them had been at home due to sickness. Well on one Friday a girl hooted at her and was taken by a guard to the principal's office to be reprimanded. So far a total of 69 white students have been expelled for walking out of class last week! This article is about how they are commemorating the Fifty-Fifth anniversary of the integration of Central High School since 1957. They are celebrating by having book singing's and a film festival. Also the appearances of the Little Rock Nine will be made as well. The New Article The End
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