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My LPG vehicle

No description

schimek luetke

on 26 December 2014

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Transcript of My LPG vehicle

My LPG vehicle
NX-Gas. But what´s inside? Where can i get spare parts?
Homepage Dec2001
Download all you need.
Have a look on usb driver details
It´s a driver for a prolific PL-2303 chip. Study the datasheet and you will realise you need just a
Go shopping
Manufacturer is DEC2001.
Opened my ECU
Be aware! do not conect your serial port to the NX-gas ECU. You would damage it. Serial port is using 15V TTL logic. The microchips in the ECUs are usualy based on 3.3V TTL logic!
6way superseal connector
search engines say DEC2001, NX-Gas and Frontgas are all the same
your dongle
See for more information.

You will find some files for pinning.

Have a look for IMP6- SIVI DX.pdf
Now you need software to change settings on your ECU. Have a look for "NXGAS FORCE II Lite 1.0.0", "NX FORCE II 5.15" or "IMPX eXPlorer".
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