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My Name is Kurt Schwartz

No description

Kurt Schwartz

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of My Name is Kurt Schwartz

My name is Kurt Schwartz
I am from Austin, Texas.
I have lived in Washington, D.C., New Orleans, L.A., Beijing, China, Chicago, I.L. and now Houston, T.X.
I do have not any pets.
Professional Experience:
I have taught ESL for 4 years.
I have worked as a Teaching Assistant in HISD.
I have taught 4th Grade English in Beijing.
Professional Interests:
I enjoy reading about language and cognition.
I enjoy learning about different perspectives (i.e. theory) despite the abundance.
I like to read historical biographies about fleeting social and cultural figures.
I am gaining Certification in Social Education.
Personal Exigencies:
I enjoying cooking food that is continentally foreign.
I struggle to play the piano.
I dabble in painting and artistic ventures.
I always feel the need to be pro

I practice TaiChi (TaijiQuan).

Present Habits:
I frequently battle Houston traffic while riding my bike.
I often observe plants and planting.
I rarely use A/C.
I try not to use plastics.

Past Habits:
I used to watch a lot of movies.
I used to listen to a lot of music.
I used to take pictures.

Personal History:
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