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Library Presentation

My First Attempt at Making a Presentation for the LRC.

Jessica Neuenschwander

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Library Presentation

What is the APA? APA
(American Psychological Association)
is the most commonly used format for writing term papers and research reports for the Social and Behavioral Sciences-Business, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Nursing. Point of View and Voice in an APA Paper APA Stylistics: Basics Use:
The THIRD PERSON point of view
The study showed that...
The participants responded APA Stylistics: Language Language in an APA Paper is: Clear Concise Plain General Format The Basics: Double Space
Two Spaces after punctuation (between sentences)
Standard Paper (8.5"x11")
1" Margins on all sides
10-12pt Times New Roman
Page Header in upper-left corner and page # in upper right corner 1. The committee decided to postpone the vote.
2. A decision was reached to postpone the vote. Needing to justify the purchase of iPads for every student in the school, the study ignored all evidence suggesting that the tablets had done little to increase learning. General Format Your essay should include four major sections: TITLE PAGE ABSTRACT MAIN BODY REFERENCES Title Page Page Header:(use Insert Page Header)title flush left + page number flush right. Title + Name +Affiliation (college): centered in the upper half. Abstract Page Page header: do NOT include “Running head:”Abstract (centered, at the top of the page) Write a brief (between 150 and 250 words) summary of your paper in an accurate, concise, and specific manner The first text page is page number 3.
Type the title of the paper centered, at the top of the page.
Type the text double-spaced with all sections following each other without a break.
Identify the sources you use in the paper in parenthetical in-text citations.
Format tables and figures. In-Text Citations Provide the author’s last name and the year of publication in parenthesis after a summary or a paraphrase:

"One study demonstrated that after listening to an hour-long lecture, most people could recall only 23% of its important points (Boredom, 2007)." Format for a summary or paraphrase Include the author’s name in a signal phrase followed by the year of publication in parenthesis:

"Several recent studies by Raitt and Tate (1997) have supported the idea that many domesticated animals are capable of complex types of cognitive processing." In-Text Citations Format for a summary or paraphrase When including the quotation in a summary/paraphrase, also provide a page number in parenthesis after the quotation:

"Cheek and Buss (1989) have noted that “people in numerous cultures greet each other with a form of greeting that Westerners would call a kiss” (p. 2)." In-Text Citations Format for a summary or paraphrase In-Text Citations Signal Phrases Introduce quotations with signal phrases,
such as:
-According to Johnson (2008), “….” (p. 3).
-Johnson (2008) argues that “….” (p. 3). Try:
acknowledge, contend, maintain, respond, report, argue, conclude, etc. In-Text Citations Citing Two or More Works When the parenthetical citation includes two or more works, place them in the order they appear in the reference list – author’s name, the year of publication – separated by a semi-colon:

(Kachru, 2005; Smith, 2008) In-Text Citations A Work with Two Authors When citing a work with two authors, use “and” between the authors’ name in the signal phrase yet “&” between their names in parenthesis:

According to Cheek and Buss (1997), “ It is no longer true to claim that women’s responses to the war have been ignored” (p. 2).

Some feminist researchers question that “women’s responses to the war have been ignored” (Raitt & Tate, 1997, p. 2). In-Text Citations A Work with 3 to 5 Authors When citing a work with three to five authors, identify all authors in the signal phrase or in parenthesis:

(Harklau, Siegal, and Losey, 1989)

In subsequent citations, only use the first author’s last name followed by “et al.” in the signal phrase or in parentheses:

(Harklau et al., 1993) In-Text Citations A Work with 6+ Authors When citing a work with six or more authors, identify the first author’s name followed by “et al.” :

Smith et al. (2006) maintained that…
(Smith et al., 2006) In-Text Citations A Work of an Unknown Author When citing a work of an unknown author, use the source’s full title in the signal phrase and cite the first word of the title followed by the year of publication in parenthesis. Put titles of articles and chapters in quotation marks; italicize titles of books and reports: According to “Indiana Joins Federal Accountability System” (2008), …
(“Indiana”, 2008) In-Text Citations Organization When citing an organization, mention the organization the first time when you cite the source in the signal phrase or the parenthetical citation:

The data collected by the Food and Drug Administration (2008) confirmed that…

If the organization has a well-known abbreviation, include the abbreviation in brackets the first time the source is cited and then use only the abbreviation in later citations.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed …
FDA’s experts tested… In-Text Citations Same Last Name/Same Author When citing authors with the same last names, use
the first initials with the last names:

(B. Kachru, 2005; Y. Kachru, 2008)

When citing two or more works by the same author published in the same year, use the lower-case letters (a,b,c) with the year of publication to order the references:

Smith’s (1998 a) study of adolescent immigrants In-Text Citations Electronic Sources When citing an electronic document, whenever possible, cite it in the author-date style. If the electronic source lacks page numbers, locate and identify paragraph number/paragraph heading:

According to Smith (1997),… (Mind over Matter section, para. 6). Center the title–
References-- at the top
of the page

reference entries

Flush left the first line
of the entry and indent
subsequent lines

Order entries
alphabetically by the
author’s surnames References Page References: Basic Invert authors’ names (last name first followed by initials).

Alphabetize reference list entries by the last name of the first author of each work.

Capitalize only the first letter of the first word of a title and subtitle, the first word after a colon, and proper nouns. Making the References Page APA is a complex system of citations, which is difficult to keep in mind.

The following strategy may be helpful.
Identify a type source: Is it a book? A journal article? A webpage?

Find a sample of citing this type of source in the citation-reference handout or APA Manual.

Mirror the sample. APA Resources OWL website:

APA official website:
http://www.apastyle.org I believe that school writing is the most important skill one can have while trying to get an education and gain knowledge to use later on in the future with whatever life has in store. (35 words) Students will often write required writings that fulfill a grade requirement towards graduation. (13 words) Our website has made available many of the things you can use for making a decision on the best dentist. (20 words)

Our website presents criteria for determining the best dentist. (9 words) Avoid Ornate and Informal Language. Plagiarism References "Book Bee" St. Gabriel School. Retrieved from
"Bookish Bunny" The Daily Squee. Retrieved from
"Boy_Excited_Reading" campuslabs. Retrieved from
Parsons, C. (2012). General apa guidelines. Purdue
University. Retrieved from
"Piracy_Its_A_Crime_Wide" Daily Tech. Retrieved
from http:/www.thedailytech.com
"Puppy_Reading" Cutepics. Retrieved from
"WhatisPlaigarism" University of Connecticut.
Retrieved from http://classguides.lib.uconn.edu/content.php?pid=50827&sid=386249 B.F. Skinner’s brilliant work on operant conditioning caused the faltering branch of Behaviorism to suddenly blossom, like a wilted lily after a gentle spring rain. Chicks who get dumped are less likely 2 hook up with their exes than dudes are. Writing is the most important skill both for getting an education and for whatever comes afterward. (16 words)
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